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8 May 14

Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

Imagine if you had a voice and a chance to tell the lingerie industry what you wanted, how you want to shop and what you really love and loathe about bra shopping.

I know I have this vision of the ideal bra shopping experience but the reality of it is it doesn’t always happen.

If you know me you will know that I believe it’s not just about a bra, it’s the empowerment that it brings women and it’s the freedom of self expression. I believe that every woman needs to be catered for and not left to feel inferior or rejected. I believe that these bras need to be readily available to us IN stores and that we see diversity in our stores.

bra shopping on fabprom and prom dresses online

I would like to see brands and retailers take care ownership of this and work together to deliver it too women around not just Australia but the world. I would like too see brands step up and show integrity in their collections and show us that they too are passionate about the industry. I would like too see everyone be successful and deliver an unforgettable experience to women. For there is enough success in this world for every body so the more we work together and create unison the better. And that goes for brand-to-brand and retailer-to-retailer and every one in between.

They can only do that if we are open, honest and use our voice so tell me.

It’s over to you!

In the comment section below tell me how you really feel about bra shopping, the lingerie available, the service and the price.


What do you love and loathe about it?

What can the industry improve on, both stores and brands?

How does it make you feel?

How do you WANT to feel?

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  • Emma

    I would love to see more personal compassionate individual service. Rooms that are large enough for not only trying on but also so the assistant can step in and not be squashed.

    As to product and stock, I would love to see all sizes with beautiful fabrics and colours not just functional items. I’d love there to be adequate stock in larger sizes.

    I need the fitters to understand fitting larger boobs and not assume it’s a simple process. They also need to be understanding that boobs and lingerie shopping can be a harrowing experience and do their best to prevent more trauma.

  • Crystal

    I think it’s time that the lingerie companies realise that there is a difference between the size of a rib cage and a cup size.
    I find it very hard to buy decent priced bras that are big enough in the ribs but small enough in the cups and long enough in the shoulder straps.

    • Hi Crystal,

      Yes the fit of a bra is MUCH MUCH more than the band size and the cup size, understanding shapes is not commonly done in the fits…..unless they are trained by me of course 😉

      Where do you find your bras because that shape can be tough to find?


      RENEE MAYNE recently posted..Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

  • Hollie

    I would like bras bigger than a D cup available in the chain stores that aren’t ‘Nanna bras’ but in all the beautiful fabrics and styles smaller sizes are available in. You shouldn’t be pushed to specialty stores and bigger price tags for having bigger boobs.
    A standard fitting would be good (wishful thinking I know) it’s very frustrating that every bra does have to be tried on, you kust cant pick one up off the shelf & away you go, as no 2 brand sizing is the same. I can be anything from a 10E to 14DD all in the one shopping trip!

    • Something that I LONG for Hollie is universal bra sizing, it would make life so much easier on brands, retailers and women. Given that every body has a different shape you would still have to try it on to a degree but if you know what shape you are then you wouldn’t really have too if you chose not too.


      RENEE MAYNE recently posted..Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

  • I would like to see a better understanding of breast shapes and sizes – full on top, full on bottom, full in the middle, wide roots, narrow roots, shallow and projected all these elements are so important when choosing a bra that fits and flatters and is most importantly COMFORTABLE

    There are not enough sizes in Australia – we are way to limited when we hit the F cup and above range. I ‘ve been importing bras forever.

    The shops that do stock large cup sizes charge WAY too much for them. Why should I pay $80+ dollarrs for a bra that I can buy for $38 dollars online? Yes having a bra fitted is great – but the prize difference is criminal.

    I would like to see bra tags tell you which breast shape they are aimed at – then I can have a better change of choosing a comfortable bra that fits and flatters.
    Imogen Lamport recently posted..T is for Texture

    • Love it Imogen and totally agree!

      Freight and duty tax really add up when retailers import which is something the government really needs to look at. Not reducing the import $ amount but reducing the duty tax so retailers have a chance!

      Shapes are crucial and I have been banging on about this for years!!!

      Re swing tags TOTALLY agree and I have spoken to a few brands about this especially the ones that are in department stores where fitters are not this would really help women.

      Thanks xxx
      RENEE MAYNE recently posted..Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

  • ..Love someone who knows how to fit you PROPERLY.

    …Listens to you and gets a feel for what you want and suggests extra beautiful things aside from what you’ve seen.

    ..Personally I’d love SEXIER padded bras WITHOUT under-wire….In fact way more range for SEXY underwire-less bras…

    ..Gorgeous fitting rooms, with great lighting.

    Something that makes my lingerie purchase and ‘experience’ that is empowering and pleasurable for all women, of all shapes and sizes. 🙂

    Lisa Page recently posted..The Fiery Passion of the Divine Feminine – An interview with Andrew Harvey






    • Yes, I think in some ways its easy to blame online shopping BUT I do believe that women are only buying online because the experience, sizes, prices and variety are not in our stores.

      Thanks Denise

      RENEE MAYNE recently posted..Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

  • Noelle Tickner

    Lingerie shopping for me has habitually been an emotional nightmare and not something I look forward to. Whether it be the lack of help or even lack of qualified staff or cramped and uncomfortable & the lack of quality personal changing rooms to the lack of stock or variety or the price!
    I’ve travelled to the UK and to the USA and found their changing rooms and the privacy aspect to much better than what I’ve found here in Australia. To have the space to move around and not feel like the staff are pushing you forward into the changing room to just open the door! Seriously, how can this create an environment where a woman is comfortable enough to stand there naked from the waste up while this happens, let alone have this woman feel happy and empowered about her shopping experience!
    The lack of stock with sizes of the larger cup is just literally unbelievable! Once again from my experiences from my overseas travel, the differences here are amazing and lets not talk about the price difference. I’d really like to know where the Australian companies are in this industry – it’s as if they don’t exist. I can find bras in my size in Melbourne but I have to spend over $80 per bra and it’s silly to know that other family and friends have been outraged at those prices cause it’s nothing that they have had to pay. It’s what I’m used to and conditioned to over here, which is such a shame as some of our Australian lingerie companies have some beautiful lines and fabrics with their smaller sizes.
    I know for me, I’d love to see a huge shift/change within the lingerie industry within Australia. I’d like to see them take this industry seriously and provide us with an experience that makes us want to buy more and come back more and more! I’d love to see different styles and colours and the ability to order things in easily if stock isn’t available at the time I’m shopping!
    I hope this helps Renee xoxox

    • I totally understand and believe me I long for this as well and we shouldn’t have to travel a long distance to receive it, we’re in a CITY for gods sake not Uluru!
      RENEE MAYNE recently posted..Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

  • Bra shopping can frequently bring me to tears, and in all the years i have lived in NZ, I have yet to find a bra style/size/brand which fits and suits me. The times I have been told I *cannot* be the size I know fits me, and I *must* try this size or that brand – only to try them and feel like some sort of freak. I order my bras online from the UK, but would prefer to be able to walk into a lingerie shop or even a department store and be able to buy something spontansouesly. The situation worsens as my daughters blossom. Maybe 3-d printing is the way to go, but sheesh the equipment is expensive. And, nope, i am not a particularly outlandish size/shape.

    • Oh Andia,

      I am so sorry to hear that and this is the problem I really want to fix, every body is unique and it is disgraceful that you are made to feel like that. Lingerie is about empowerment and that goes against everything it represents.

      I appreciate your honesty and I hope I can change it.

      Renee recently posted..Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

  • Stacey

    I can’t stand going bra shopping, I end up wearing my bras until they’re falling apart just to avoid having to go shopping for more. I’m a 14HH-14I depending on the brand, going bra shopping always leaves me feeling depressed because there might be 5 cute or sexy bras I want to try on, and often none are available in my size. As a 20 year old I don’t want to wear a bra that covers me in and it’s so hard to find a style I like that will fit me, and then I usually pay about $80-90 for a bra. I would love there to be more range for large-busted women without having to spend so much on bras.

    • Thanks Stacey and you know what you SHOULD be able to buy cute, fun and sexy bras when ever and where ever you want. I totally agree with you.

      I really appreciate you you weighing in and helping the cause.

      Thank you

      Renee recently posted..Your Opinion On The Lingerie Industry

  • Angela

    I wish there were more shops stocking a wider variety of sizes and styles. I wish the change rooms were large enough, as Emma says, to accommodate both me and the assistant, so we could shut the door for privacy. I wish the staff had better product knowledge, and didn’t make me feel like it’s my fault when a bra doesn’t suit me.

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