13 June 11


Blow me down I couldn't let this one split away! Now I've heard many things but 80% OFF madness I tell you.

DeBras is having a MASSIVE SALE on Curvy Kate, Bella Bodies, Freya, Swimwear, Sleepwear and much much more.


Meet Debra's Lingerie

When I first meet Debra it was just before her 10th Birthday and let me tell you this lady is an inspiration to all business women. Her mission is to have bras for every body, that's what it was 11 years ago and that's what it is today. Her passion to help women and give her customers exactly what they want is remarkable. When she says she wants "Bras for every body" you can hear the passion in her voice and see the sparkle in her eye. Her team of Professional Bra Fitters are some of the best in the Australia, delivering knowledge, expertise and professionalism in an environment where you are comfortable. I love and admire her vision and what she believes in and I think you will too.



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