2 April 13

Normal Size Mannequins, crazy or genuis?

You may or may not have seen this flying about Social Media…

“Åhlens in Sweden introduced these normal-size mannequins. Instead of size 00, these gals are a size 6 and 10. Some are saying they "condone obesity." Pfft, the average Canadian woman is a size 12. "LIKE" this picture if you think all mannequins should look like this! - Morgan HOT 105.5

Original photo from http://www.becka.nu/ (the story is quite amazing)

While a lot of women’s rights group and numerous other groups and up in arms about this the general public welcome the idea of “normal” looking mannequins. When I use the term “normal” it really does leave distaste in my mouth because it implies that skinny girls are not “normal” or “real” which of course is bollocks.

It raises awareness around the often spoken about but nothing ever really gets done… the unrealistic expectation women put on themselves to look a certain way, be a certain way and act a certain way. Who the hell am I to judge someone else on the way they look, are and act? With every inch of my soul I believe that beauty comes from within and it also comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours.  Surely we are at a point where we can stop being so superficial and judgemental.

I loved seeing this mannequin not because she is bigger but she is more relatable to women. The average dress size in Australia is size 14 but it is not about the size, it’s just a number! It’s about embracing your body and seeing it with love and being kind to it.

The dream I have is to walk passed a window or display and it’s filled with different colours, sizes and looks. That is real, relatable and totally sexy!

These mannequins are from Hindsgaul in Denmark and they have distributors through out the world.

I would love to see these mannequins in more stores, you?

Love the skin you’re in!

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  • Thank you!!!!!
    I do adore these mannequins but I’m tired of hearing the word ‘normal’ thrown around. Since I was 17 unless pregnant I’ve weighed between 45 and 47 kgs and I consider myself just as ‘normal’ as the next girl. And yes, like you I’d like to see more storefronts with all shapes, sizes and colours in the window. And please, everyone, stop using the word ‘normal’!
    Chizelle recently posted..Creative Self-care, by Heather Shafer for Chizelle

  • Amen to that Chizelle!
    Bra Queen recently posted..Normal Size Mannequins, crazy or genuis?

  • Love this! The beauty of woman is that we all come is different shapes and sizes.

    How boring if we all looked like the superskinny androgynous mannequins..and how tragic that our young one starve themselves to emulate this!

    Thank you Renee…Great post!

    Lisa Page recently posted..The Key to Trust in Relationship

  • I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I feel we need to educate our kids about this and lead by example. I LOVE my body now and it has taken me YEARS to accept it, I welcome some changes to it but I do love it as is 🙂

    Bra Queen recently posted..Normal Size Mannequins, crazy or genuis?

  • I totally agree Renee and Chizelle – Normal comes is all shapes and sizes – we’ve got a messed up culture with an idea on maybe .5% of the population being what we should all aspire to – leaving the rest of us struggling to feel ok with our ‘normal’ bodies. I want our kids to realize how fake and crazy making most of the marketed ideas of beauty really are. These mannequins show something different from the standard view and are therefore depressingly unusual!

  • Totally agree Jo 🙂

    Bra Queen recently posted..The Difference Between The Business Owner & The Entrepreneur

  • sarah

    what are the names of these mannequins? i want to buy them for my clothing business.. can someone help? Are there distributors that will ship to Australia?
    If anyone can help that would be great!!!

  • Hi Sarah,

    Yes they ship to Australia and there site is http://hindsgaul.com/sw2704.asp

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