26 March 13

No limits…

When you live life in flow everything just works and it’s that easy. Finances, love, laughter, happiness and health all just happen, they manifest right before your eyes.

But only if it’s what you really want. And there is a little secret to it all happening right before your eyes…

BELIEF, with every inch of your soul you need to believe that everything happens just as you want them to. Once you believe it will happen the universe has this crazy ability to line things up for us because it hears our thoughts and provides it for us. It hears us then it gives us signs and messages all the time to let us know that we’re on the right track. So there are two things you need to ask yourself once you 100% believe.

  1. What thoughts are you telling the universe?
  2. Are you present enough to hear and receive the messages?

The only way we can receive the messages is if we are present. So when you do something… anything focus on it and be in that moment.

Write down what you want to experience, do and have in 12 months…then 6 months. Do it from an inspired place so it really means something to you and remember- you have no limits.

For each “thing” you wrote down write down 3 action points that you can do that will make it happen. Each one you should be able to do or organise in 5 minutes and right now. You don’t want to prolong anything by putting long deadlines on them because it won’t happen.

Create a vision board and visualise the outcome everyday because remember the universe is lining up whatever you are thinking so make sure it’s what you want!



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  • Love this!

    I’ve been meaning to create my vision board for a few weeks now 🙂
    Chizelle recently posted..Surround yourself with reminders

  • I know I LOVE them and feel so much better once I have updated and renewed it 🙂


  • Kat

    love this! i have learned to be damn specific as well! I haven’t in the past but now it’s a good way of opening my mind to “what is it I REALLY want”? “What does that look / feel like”

    love it!
    Kat recently posted..Using Video for Sales Funnels and Marketing

  • I love this! I always think of it like I’m an airline pilot – I need to keep checking I’m still on course (and know where I want to be going) to make sure I get there.
    Jo Casey recently posted..How Pets Can Help Alleviate Stress & Depression

  • Thanks Lovely Ladies!

    That a good one Jo, I often say to myself when I am chasing my tail……”I feel my feet on the floor” and it brings me back to the moment 🙂

    Bra Queen recently posted..Normal Size Mannequins, crazy or genuis?

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