19 November 13

Nail This Baby & It Will Save You BIG Bucks

Most businesses will over look this element of business because when we ask them who their target market is they say everyone. We feel like we have to cater for everybody but the truth is when we do it makes our break even point further away. When you do this you receive clarity and direction, you will also save money on marketing and you just got a big chuck of your time back.

Many people over the years have asked “Why do you limit yourself to just lingerie?” I say “I don’t just limit myself to lingerie I also want to connect and be on the same page as my clients.” The truth is we don’t want to work with everybody because there are people who we don’t connect with and and it makes that time unenjoyable and unproductive. We deserve to have joy in our lives and bring joy to others therefore when we surround ourselves with people who make us feel good the more we love and enjoy our lives.

When you watch this video find out what questions to ask yourself to gain cyrstal clear vision around who your mrket match is.

So you owe it to yourself and your customers to carve out a clear path of who’s life you want to change.

So empowering!

Target Market

The biggest mistake business make is thinking they have to cater for everybody.

Target the right audience, speak to them in the right language and you will increase your strike rate.

Please DO NOT pick a niche because you think that's where the money is, you may make money but you will not love your job. So ask yourself who do you like create your niche, chances are they are similar to yourself.

So who is your target market? If you think it's women it's too broad you have to keep it simple.







What do they like?

What do they dislike?

What do they fear?

What keeps them up at night?

What is their favorite movie?

What is their favorite book?

What magazines do they read?

Are they naughty or nice?

Give her a name….

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