20 October 14

Myer Launches The Giftorium

A fantastic customer experience and great service are not usually words associated with Myer. Ever.

But, on Friday they launched their Giftorium, which is bringing back the fun and theater in Christmas shopping. They have employed over 3000 people around Australia to create the experience, Bernie Brooks stated, “They employed people based on their personality, not their retail experience” so they are aligned with what the Giftorium is about, fun.

Myer has dedicated a floor for all things Christmas, with easy to find sections based on whom you’re buying for. There is a crazy big igloo with bean bags so kids can watch Frozen and heaps of entertainment.

I am big on the customer experience and it’s what we create when I am working with clients because it is the most important thing in retail today. Create an unforgettable customer experience and your profit speaks for itself.

From the moment you step on the floor until you leave, you are entertained and served to a level is really enjoyable and your needs are met.  It puts you in the Christmas spirit.

It does go to show you that people still like to connect and buy in store, and you can’t bet great service.


Myer giftorium

 The dedicated shopping sections

Myer giftorium

Loving this green!


Myer giftorium

For the kids

Myer giftorium

For Dad.... Or maybe Mum

Myer giftorium

For the boy who doesn't like a hair out of place...

Myer giftorium

Something for Gran this Christmas...

Myer giftorium

Bernie Brookes.

Myer giftorium Bernie Brookes


May Myer embrace the fun and theatre year round!




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  • Farmers Wifey

    OH that green..divine! What a great event, I wish I could have been there! xo

    • braqueen

      Isn’t it so pretty! I can’t recall seeing it before, mine are purple and silver but these are lovely! It was really fun 🙂

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