11 March 14

Inside Scoop To America’s #1 Selling Sports Bra Moving Comfort

Moving Comfort has been in Australia for a few years now but for those people who haven't heard of it can you please tell us a little bit about it?

Moving Comfort is the #1 Sports Bra brand in America. Our Sports Bras are made by women for women and are biodynamically tested for maximum support, comfort and style, which give our ladies confidence they are wearing the right gear while being active. Moving Comfort is also a women's sports clothing brand offering a large range of technical and fashionable active wear. The important thing is that every woman finds her Moving Comfort.

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There are so many sports bras on the market and many of them aren't great. How can women check if they're wearing or buying a good sports bra or a dodgy one that won't support them?

Yes, there are a lot of 'dodgy' sports bras on the market, most are crop tops made of a stretch material that probably do more damage than good.

A few key points to take note of when shopping for a sports bra would be for following:

1.  Get professionally fitted: This will ensure the best comfort and support for your shape

2.  Shop at a Sporting or Bra Specialist: If you're serious about 'supporting your girls' then go to a specialty store that will offer a range of top styles

3.  Adjustable straps or back closure is a benefit as some sports bras may stretch slightly over time and need tightening.

4.  Be aware of the material used in the bra: DriLayer, Polyester and Lycra spandex are often used in the high impact styles

5.  Jump around: The good old-fashioned 'jump around in the changing room' is a must. If you're still moving, try a different style.

A good sports bra should hold you in, be fitted and firm and produce minimal movement.

No woman should need to double up on a sports bra; she should always feel comfortable and supported while being active.

What would you say puts Moving Comfort ahead of the competition?

Moving Comfort Bra's are increasingly popular due to their amazing support and comfort. Our products are designed and built for women by women using high quality reliable materials that are anti odour, anti bacterial and prone to excessive stretching. The option to easily and quickly adjust the straps and bandwidth allows our bras to fit women of all shapes and sizes. We offer a large range of colours, styles and sizes so our ladies will find the perfect fit to look and feel fabulous while keeping fit.



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