3 April 12

MiMirror- New Retail Technology

We see online and offline as being different “us against them”. Once we understand that retail is changing you will discover that they are in fact the very same, each one playing a vital role in how we do business and how we encourage our customers to buy. One of the most exciting things about branding and business is we get to choose how we want our customers to shop and what experience we want them to have.

Create a unique experience and one they can easily share with the friends. The secret to your success and future of retail is to get creative, once you do this you realise there are endless amounts of possibilities and ways you can grow your business and create the ultimate customer experience. We are beginning to see businesses and companies roll out exciting world breaking strategies. Here’s the clincher you get to decide, you can be a leader, a creator and reap the rewards or blend in with 75% of businesses that wait in wings and live in the shadow of other industry leaders.

Someone who is embracing the new economy and igniting their retail success is Highpoint Shopping centre. Highpoint is trialling their MiMirror it’s aimed to increase customer awareness and experience. Using technology that is a touch screen mirror which has an inbuilt camera that allows you to download your favourite looks and “share” them on Facebook. Anyone that uses Highpoints new retail technology has a chance of winning a gift voucher. They also have an image consultant that is available to help you shop and find what works for you that is a free service to further engage the customer’s experience. While I was there embracing Highpoint’s courage to think and be different I discovered Happy Lab my new favourite shop!

The MiMirror is available to use at Highpoint Shopping Centre until April 11th and can be found on Level 3 outside Country Road and Myer.


image source Dusty Petal
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