13 July 15

Men’s Guide To Lingerie Shopping.

We get emails all the time from guys who want to surprise their gorgeous partners with lingerie and they just don’t know where to start.

Listen up guys because this is for you.

  1. You need to find out her bra and knicker size; sneak I peek in her drawer if you have to.
  2. You need to know what shape breast she is if you want something nice that she can wear every day, this post will help with that.
  3. Know her personality, now this is important.
  • If she is a jeans and t-shirt girl, look for something that is a solid color... not floral or "girlie".
  • If she is fun, playful and girlie, look for bright colors and patterns.
  • If she is more elegant and corporate go with lovely material like, silk and chiffons.
  • If she’s a pearl and lace type of girl, look for floral prints and soft colors.
  1. Does she like briefs, shorty’s, thongs (g-string) or a French knicker? This article will help you.
  2. You can always opt for a babydoll or corset if you want what I call horizon lingerie.


Some brands I really like are…

For smaller cups I love Mimi Holliday, Huit, Sonata Rapalyte and Curvy Couture.


image Huit

Enchantee Huit


For small backs and larger cups I like Curvy Couture, Freya and Fantastie.


image Fantastie

fanastie allegra


For plus size I love Elomi and Curvy Couture.


image Elomi

Elomi emily


Some examples of Babydolls and Corsets.

 red corset playful promises



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