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7 November 10

Meet Faire Frou Frou

I have asked some of my awesome lingerie business peeps to answer a few questions so you can see what happens behind the scenes and inside the mind of our lingerie superstars.

1. What would you like to see happen in the lingerie industry?

I would like to see U.S. customers gain the same appreciation toward lingerie that the Europeans have.  They (Europeans) place so much value on having beautiful intimates, just the way Americans do with their shoes & purses.  We are curious whether Australia is like the U.S. or not in this respect, though we certainly do have a pretty good following there (based on online sales & blog statistics).  Another thing we would like to see is a more positive overall perception of lingerie as sophisticated and fashion-forward.  I think so many people have an initial reaction toward lingerie as being overtly sexual or tacky, when the reality is that so many female designers are creating luxury collections that are sophisticated and worth exposing in a classy way.

2. If I had a billion dollars I would… still own and develop Faire Frou Frou!

My first priority would be setting up my family so that they would enjoy a lifetime of financial security, I would travel and shop (oh goodness, I can only imagine how fun that would be), and I would contribute to my favorite charities (there are too many good causes to name!).  I think I would also start another business because the process is so much fun! As far as Faire Frou Frou goes, I would hire a team of people to help me grow the business…as of now it’s a small operation that requires a lot of work!  Good thing we love what we do or these 12-hour work days would be killing us!

3. What do you love about your business?

I love the giddy excitement I get when I see new lingerie that I love…it’s pretty much a natural high.  Discovering something beautiful and then being able to share it with people who value your opinion is a wonderful thing!  Working with the customers and creating a positive experience for them is also very rewarding and just plain fun.  Overall it’s extremely satisfying to see how your efforts can create something buzz-worthy and of interest to other people.  It’s challenging running a business, and to be able to survive year after year is a success-story that I’m proud to have.

4. What is your greatest achievement?

Overall my greatest achievement is living a life that makes me happy.  However in terms of my business, a pretty significant achievement is the recognition our shop has received.  The thought that just a few years ago Faire Frou Frou was just an idea in my mom’s and my heads, and that now it’s gained worldwide recognition (particularly with those in the lingerie industry) is pretty amazing.   We are so grateful for that.

5. Our favorite lingerie brand?

Whew, that’s pretty much everyone we represent at Faire Frou Frou!  We love so many, but perhaps the best of the best include Carine Gilson, Vannina Vesperini, Fifi Chachnil, Fleur of England, Bordelle, Maison Close, ARI DEIN, Damaris, Huit, ID Sarrieri and Strumpet & Pink.

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  • Thanks Renee for sharing your lingerie peeps! It really got me thinking about the whole lingerie fashion scene and Australia could definitely take some boosting!! (pardon the pun!) Well done, look forward to the next interview. x

    • braqueen

      Thanks Priscilla, I’m working on it 🙂 Thank you xxx

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