12 November 10

Meet Brava Lingerie

1. What would you like to see happen in the lingerie industry?

How about a global bra sizing system. Well, we can only dream! Would love to support Aussie brands, but they need to learn from the Eurpoean / UK fit and also offer a wider range of sizes. Also education in bra sizings is key, as soon as women start realising that a D cup is now the average and really not that big then they will become more comfortable with their shape and understanding that a D cup in a size 10 back is a lot smaller than a D cup in a size 16 back it wont seem so strange to them when we fit them firmer in the back and the cup goes up which we need to do for 9 out of 10 women who visit Brava for the first time. Most have never known what it feels like to be wearing the right bra. So women understanding how bra sizing actually works would be a great start and its up to us to help them to feel good about that, especially when they have a fuller bust.

2. Finish this sentence: If I had a billion dollars I would…

Give all to charity! Maybe keep 1 million for my family.

3. What do you love about your business?

Helping women to have a good bra fitting experience so they feel good about their bodies and introducing them to brands and sizes not found in mainstream stores. The satisfaction our staff get from providing our customers with a positive bra fitting experience is very rewarding for us. We have very loyal customers and its due to our passionate, friendly and warm staff.

4. What is your greatest achievement?

My son of course, but 2nd to that would be starting Brava because not one day goes by without us making a positive difference to the way a woman feels about her body.

5. What are your favourite lingerie brands?

Freya for the young, funky designs and their sports bras, Fantasie for the must have basics, Panache for their size range, Elomi for our fuller figured customer & Chantelle for their classic, quality craftsmanship. All of the above for their fit.

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  • I LOVE Brava staff and products. One of the best shopping experiences a girl could have. Certainly THE BEST bra shopping experience!
    Keep up the great work ladies!

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