15 March 17

Maybe Lingerie DOESN’T Matter?

There is a good chance, lingerie isn’t important.

Maybe it’s just this thing that women have to wear?

Is it the equivalent to buying a tampon?

The research is the same,

The statistics are the same,

The same as what they were 11 years ago.

8 / 10 women are still wearing the wrong size bra.

We KNOW, but do we care?

How do you feel when you go to the hair salon and get your hair done?

How do you feel when someone tells you that you’re glowing today?

How do you feel when you feel aroused for no reason, just because?

It feels good right?

There is power in that, real, potent, feel good power.

This is what lingerie gives you, everyday… If you choose to let it.

In many ways it’s better the going to the salon or waiting for someone else to tell you that you’re smokin’ hot today.

YOU decide that for yourself every day, by wearing lingerie that makes you feel amazing.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, it just has to be you.

How you feel matters.


Choose you.


Why don’t you tag 3 friends and tell us WHY you matter?

There will be a SECRET WINNER who will win a secret PRIZE!!!



Image and lingerie by Tutti Rouge.

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