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28 March 11

Maternity Bras, Nursing Bras & Cake Lingerie

At last years Fashion Exposed there was a buzz around Cake Lingerie the new Maternity Bra’s had hit our stores with a vengeance. Their maternity bras were beautiful, fashionable and functioned like a bra should be providing lift, shape, support and of course they are nursing bras. Hotmilk had been in our attention for a little while so what is unique about Cake Lingerie.

The creators of Cake Lingerie are a husband and wife team Keith and Tracey from Australia. Tracey has a passion for maternity bras that you automatically know as soon as you look at a Cake bra because they ooze elegance, sophistication and quality. If I can put my business mentor hat on for a second I love their business because-

  • They have a crystal clear vision and have not swayed
  • They mastered smaller cups before they even expanded into larger cups
  • They have never produced a larger cup range just because they ensured optimum quality, support, lift and shape.
  • The above tells me that integrity for their product is paramount and will never be sacrificed for $$$
  • They completely 100% grasp social media and one of the FEW fashion labels that actually do it well.
  • They are just so nice and can not tell you how nice these people are. They are real just like you and I. That makes them special.
  • Most of all they are open…and that is rare. They actually listen and want to hear what other people have to say in and around their business….within reason I’m sure 🙂

But back to Cake Lingerie and their maternity bras.

You know when you’re pregnant and you long to feel “normal” well I did and assume that’s normal (as much as I hate the word normal). Now when I was pregnant and they say you should only put on 2 to 3 kilos in the first trimester I think I put that on alone on my breasts. I wore the most hideous maternity bras because that was all I could by and I was so desperate to feel good about myself. So when I see Cake Lingerie giving women the ability to feel good about themselves it speaks to me. I love that and I respect that. Kudos to you.

They are constantly evolving and to ensure they are at the forefront of the lingerie industry and with that they have introduced MyBust so you can personalise your maternity bra fit. It revolutionises the maternity and nursing bra with ‘MyBust’; the first ever bra tailored to the individual needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women. Designed to enhance a woman’s silhouette, whilst providing her with an exquisite fit; MyBust creates for a sexier, more elegantly fitting bra that offers an amazing profile with superior shape and support.

Cake Lingerie is available in over 300 of the world’s finest boutique stores in sizes from 10-16, B-G cups and retails for AUD$59.90. Briefs and G?string options are available in sizes S-XL.

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  • I do have to agree with you Renee, Cake Lingerie use some really exquisite fabrics/laces in their maternity bras. But again, what happens to the gorgeous goddess females out there who are bigger than a size 16? And what if they are a size 26B cup? Linda’s Lingerie custom makes bras for all shapes and sizes, we guarantee our bras to fit, be comfortable, supportive and pretty.

  • Heather James

    Hi Renee, thanks for this, very appropriate for me at least at the moment. I am now a 12F and will increase no doubt to a 12 G cup with milk very soon! Love the styles it’s nice to see maternity wear really coming up to the new age in style and comfort not to mention technology! Great prices too, bra’s will always be pricey but I’m glad these are very reasonable. Thanks for the review! Heather

    • braqueen

      Thanks Heather, yes times are changing thank goodness it needed too 🙂 I agree their prices are really good it makes a big difference when we dont have to import them and/or deal with distribution agents all of that adds to the price we price especially in larger cup sizes.


  • braqueen

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you for your comment, Cake do fabulous work. As I mentioned above integrity is a massive part of their business so they will not produce anything that sacrifice their standard which as I business owner I’m sure you would admire. Too many business just produce collections that lack substance. So therefore I think it is appropriate to acknowledge want they DO and not what they don’t do.
    No range can or probably should cater for absolutely everyone as everything is not their passion. Clearly your passion is catering for those rare sizes and credit to you. I also think it is important in business and in life to focus on the positives and not the negatives, that way we can carry ourselves in a radiant light and we will only attract radiant people.


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