17 February 16

Mastectomy Bras For All Personalities

Isn’t it ironic how everyone suggests that your life should go back to “normal” after breast cancer, yet you are thrown into a sea of beige and plain mastectomy bras?

Now that is cool if you’re a woman who likes everyday bras, but how about the women who like something a little more glamorous, sexy or pretty?

Your lingerie gives you the ability to feel good from the inside out and your lingerie needs to be an extension of you…

Introducing Mastectomy bras for every personality, the everyday girl, the smooth girl, the pretty girl, the glam girl and the sexy girl. Maybe you are all of  those things?  That’s OK as well, self acceptance and honouring who you are as you are is paramount.

These bras have no underwire and no side boning and professional bra fitters are finding them great for breast reconstructions, mastectomy’s and anyone who prefers a non underwire bra.

Featured lingerie below is by Redfern Lingerie and Trulife.

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210-Barbara-Amethyst Mastectomy Bras

red fern mastectomy bra 2

trulife Mastectomy Bras

red fern mastectomy bra red

Trulife Mastectomy Bras smooth


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