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17 February 15

Mainstream Media’s Epic Fails On Body Image

Advertising campaigns that belittle people and play on their insecurities just drives me crazy.

With so much beauty in the world why do only see negatively in mainstream media?

Surely there is space where people can buy products or services without being made to feel crap about themselves. Surely we can sell from an inspired space that comes from love… or DO people actually only buy when they are in a dark negative space where they are desperate for change that leads to a sale?

What drives you to hand over your credit card?

I get that people need to be at a place within themselves where they are ready to take action… they’re ready for change. I get that. But the self-loathing and lack of self-acceptance makes me sick to the stomach. Have we really come to this?

When did how we look, take over how we feel?

Surely society is not that warped?

Isn’t every BODY entitled to immense and intense happiness, love and joy? In spite of how we look?

As Taryn Brummfit from the Body Movement says “I had what society deems as the 'perfect body' and I still didn’t feel any better about myself”

We have all looked back at those old photos of ourselves and said “And I thought I was fat, what was I thinking?”

How you feel in your skin suit will give you much more happiness then anything else. And it is just that, a suit we where because it doesn’t define who we are, it’s just our vehicles to carry us through our life.

Beauty outside the box, because beauty inside the box sucks balls. It excludes people, it gives people doubt and insecurity, it makes people judge others and it misaligns you with who you are.


Cuba has a ban on all advertising and this has had a positive effect on how a woman feels about herself. To research this further was difficult but I did find this one post where Alison describes it is


“I found it really strange walking down the streets where there are no billboards, ads on the side of bus stops, or other forms of mass marketing that I am used to. It is actually quite refreshing, not having products and services thrust in your face trying to sell you this and that. There are no airbrushed advertisements trying to sell beauty or slimming products, and as a result women here have no body image issues. It is fantastic, and is most evident at salsa clubs, where a women’s sexiness is defined by her rhythm, not the shape of her body.”

Oh that makes my heart sing, “Where a women’s sexiness is defined by her rhythm, not the shape of her body.” That is so cool!

Better that then some of the latest advertising we have seen in Australia lately.

One journalist wrote a piece on one of Australia’s popular and well accredited authors Colleen Mc Cullough “Plain in feature and definitely overweight.”

There are a million other things that this amazing women had done in her time and this is the garbage they write… are you kidding me!

Colleen McCullough

One night I was watching TV and an ad came on for a vein removal cream, the female presenter said, “Do you need to remove UNSIGHTLY veins?”

Really. I mean really. Women’s legs are unsightly if you have veins? Ridiculous.

Peter Garrett was moving for a new initiative in 2012 whereby in Australia we promote “healthier” bodies and more diversity in the advertising we see.

Now we have movement like changing the face of beauty, but we really need to start seeing some traction here because somewhere along the line we begun to lose sight of what’s important.

Concentrate on how you feel and choose happiness and see others with no judgments. 



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