22 July 14

Lingerie Wisdom From Luis Paredes

I asked Luis Paredes Publisher at The Lingerie Journal a few questions about the lingerie industry.
Luis Paredes
1. What has been the biggest change in lingerie business over the last ten years?
I see eCommerce is the biggest change to the lingerie business with more and more brands selling directly to consumers and brick-and-mortar lingerie retailers (and solely online stores) working on innovative retail websites to keep and attract new customers.
2. Where do you see it in another ten years?
Really hard to say and I actually don’t have a good answer. So much changes in the span of months now that projecting business is harder than ever.
3. What would you like to see happen within the industry?
I understand that in the UK, the government gives out grants to lingerie brands to help offset the costs of trade shows and would love to see some US agency do the same thing to help indie, small and medium sized brands take out more booths at trade shows here in the US.
I’d also like to see more support of the speciality boutique to help grow retail sales.
4. What is something the people within the industry should be doing but aren’t?
Investing more than just change in their marketing, advertising and social media spend.
5. What is your favorite piece of advice you give to other businesses?
Connect with as many like-minded and related businesses. There’s power in collaboration!
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