27 April 15

Looking after your lingerie in three simple steps

HEGS has popped in to give you some washing tips to keep  your knickers nice and give you a chance to win some HEGS so you can see for yourself how awesome they are.

You may have seen Scott Boocock on Shark Tank where the lovely Naomi Simson made Scott an offer that he accepted. Now they are taking the world by storm where HEGS the Australian made product is being exported globally. He is an amazing entrepreneurial family man who I am so happy to support and call my friend.




1. Gentle wash

Wear and tear from the washing machine can take a toll on your delicates, make sure your washing routine isn’t damaging your investment. Gentle hand washing is always preferred, otherwise use a lingerie bag and a gentle wash setting on your washing machine.

2. Hang with care

Peg marks can ruin everything from your everyday bra to your tights; make sure you’re taking care when putting your underwear out to dry. Australian Made HEGS are a great option; the hooks are perfect for bra straps and they will keep lingerie on the line even in windy weather. Plus the peg has been designed to minimize marks so they’re perfect for delicate items like tights and silk items. Make sure you try to hang your underwear out in shade or indoors to keep the colours safe from the sun. Pick up HEGS from redballoon.com.au

3. Store sensibly

Store your lingerie with care and keep the intact. Simple divider boxes are great for keeping your bras in shape and ready to wear, you can pick them up from most discount stores. Keeping your underwear safe and orderly means it will last longer, and being able to see it means you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear your fancy pants, grab your feel-good bra and go any day of the week!


Facebook competition

Tell us in the comment section below a washing disaster you have had? I have three packs of Aussie made HEGS to give away to the person with the best laundry tip. I’ll be picking the winner at 7pm Wednesday 6th May 2015.


Head over to facebook.com/hookedonhegs to find out more about this great Australian invention, it's a great product that was designed by a great guy.


Side note: For retailers this an a great value add for your customers and definitely worth stocking.



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  • Sarah Locke

    Always separate your colours and whites. I accidentally dyed all my husbands white singlets pink !!

    • Yes, I have done that MANY times! And why is it always our partners clothes and never your own :-/

  • Wendy Hatton

    I learnt the hard way that lingerie bags are essential. I tossed my best and favourite bra in with everything else and discovered a couple of hooks twisted so tightly around the threads of a jumper that they were damaged beyond repair.

    • Noooo Wendy! Yes I use lingerie bags all the time, I remember my sister’s machine stopped working and she got a guy out to fix it and he pulled out a bra underwire…. $600 later and he said it happens all the time.

  • Dani Mayne

    accidentally throwing a disposable nappy in the wash!!! Jelly/water crystals anyone??!!!

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