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29 November 16

Bra Queen’s First EVER Lingerie Shoot!

People say, “Love yourself” like it’s this easy thing to do.

My Mum didn’t say many empowering quotes growing up, but the one she did say was “You need to love yourself before anyone else can love you.”

The term “self-love” is everywhere. Like everywhere!

Now it might be just me, but this is a LEARNED behavior and one that does not come easily for me. Loving yourself is really hard sometimes.

For many years I would use and wear the term “perfectionist” like it’s a badge of honour. It is actually crippling.

… The perfect body
… The perfect life
… The perfect house
… The perfect business
… The perfect parent
… The perfect partner
… The perfect Mother
… The perfect friend

Life is messy and we are far from perfect, perfect is like the word “normal” they’re both subjective and forever changing.

For ten years I have been writing about body image and loving ourselves, as we are... it was as much for me as it was for all of you. The truth is, for most of my 39 years, this has been a constant internal fight and struggle that I have had within. It is madness and it must stop.

Ten years ago I stopped voicing my self-loathing because I wanted to be a role model and set an example for my two girls, and with all my heart I do not wish this on them. It has since then it became an internal struggle, nothing major and that is the most destructive, because it’s so subtle and subliminal we don’t even realise it.

Over the past couple of months I dropped everything to see what rises… you know when you just need to press the reset button and all of a sudden I had a hunger to make a real change. Long lasting change, and for me to do that, I needed to get real and HONEST.

As I began to explore and expose my naked truth, it was the biggest awakening, I have ever had… Extremely confronting, tough and equaling amazing, so I did something so nerve wrackingly scary in order to walk my talk.

I stripped down (literally) to see the woman who would rise.

Partnering with Urban Life Photography for my first ever lingerie photo shoot.

So scared, but determined to do it.

Having experienced many photo shoots over time, this one was like no other. Edwin (my photographer) and his team were nothing short of amazing and specialise in boudoir photographer (an extremely important factor I now know!)

Having selected my lingerie with BraStop, I selected pieces that both suited my personality and pushed me out of my comfort zone. That was the easy part!

The lead up was really good, I consulted with the Urban Life team as to what “look” I wanted and more importantly, how I wanted to feel when I was looking back at the photos captured!

Ash, did my hair and makeup and she was delightful, calming my nerves and really understood the look we wanted to achieve. I shared my intention of the photo shoot was “to look at the photos and see my soul.” Next came the studio and the shoot, I had no idea what poses to do and was really clueless. So many photographers have said to me in the past “OK, now do your thing…” and I am left standing there trying to be a model… I am not.

Edwin really understands the female form and body shapes, and the entire photo shoot was really based around that. He explained where and what he was looking at throughout the shoot and completely understanding of my vulnerability. I was like a piece of clay he was moulding and bringing to life a piece of art. He gave me every single pose, at no time was I left thinking “what in the world am I suppose to be doing!

The most daunting part of the entire day was the moment before “the viewing” where I would face my demons as I looked at the photos. What I saw left me breathless and emotional.

I was in awe of the woman I saw, no harsh feelings, self-hate or wishing I looked a different way, just me as I am. I see my soul when I look at the photos, each one capturing a different part of me.

I saw fierce, powerful woman.

I am fierce, and vulnerable, and exposed, and real, and powerful.

For the first time in my life I felt an internal peace I have never felt before… it was the most magical feeling.

No longer a fight, but a beautiful dance.

I am so grateful that Edwin challenged me (in the most respectful way) because the images I had sent him for the “look” they were all laying down and he said to me “I think you will be amazed at how good your body can look standing up, do you want to try some standing up?”

I said I trusted him and I am so glad I did, I unconsciously wanted to “hide” myself. I will hide no more and it is because of you Edwin, THANK YOU.

Thank you to Mick from Linchpin studios that captured it on video so we can share the message and hopefully inspire women to love themselves as they are.

Everyone needs to experience a boudoir photo shoot, it is seriously the most amazing thing you can do for yourself!

Before you see me near naked Urban Life would like to offer you or a loved one this amazing experience!

Edwin has put together a crazy cheap special package just for the Bra Queen tribe.

 A Photographic Confidence Building experience including...

· Pre styling consultation over the phone or at the studio
· Hair and makeup – for one female
· 3 outfit changes
· Studio photo-shoot
· Total photographic experience 3 and half hours
· A 8x10” image of your choice

All this for $45.00

• This offer is valid during weekdays and Saturday’s.
• Not valid on Sundays and public holidays, a $50 refundable deposit is required when making your booking.



The unveiling…. *gulp

SIDE NOTE: There is a zero tolerance on ANY body snark, judgments and nastiness; such comments will be deleted so be nice.


urban life photography _ Renee Mayne Bra Queen


urban life photography _ Renee Mayne lingerie photoshoot


urban life photography _ female_Renee Mayne Bra Queen


urban life photography _ BraQueen Lingerie Boudoir


urban life photography _ plus size lingerie model


urban life photography _ Scantily surrender lingerie model


URBANB LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY_BraQueen Renee Mayne plus size lingerie model


The most internal peace I have EVER felt... you must experience this!

Book Your own photographic confidence building experience... 



An email will be sent to you on how to redeem your amazing experience.

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  • You are one sexy beautiful woman! I am in awe of everything you do putting yourself out there like this only strengthens my love of you as my friend! And the lingerie is on point! To me this is so empowering for so many woman. You rock babe! love you so much! xx Hbomb

  • Great job chick – you rocked it!

    • Thank you Shannon so much, I am glad I pushed through the nerves!

  • Wow! You totally rocked this shoot. Go you. xxx ps where did that red bra come from? Love it.

  • chriscurnow

    Wow, you really do look fantastic. You have selected a range of lingerie that really suits you and shows off your wonderful figure.

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