24 February 14

Lingerie Business 2014

Less and less we are seeing the traditional autumn/ winter colors and Spring/summer colors. Lingerie today is inspired by the designer the rules are there are no rules. Maybe it’s because we are becoming a global industry where we are always at different seasons therefore seasonal colors become redundant?

I like this movement because I am reminded that we are all moving into a more united industry and that will only strengthen this amazing industry.

2013 brought a pretty tough time for lingerie retailers, we seen a change in government and I don’t know why but that always makes people uneasy. In Australia we have been pretty lucky, we haven’t been hit as hard as the UK and US. And reality is competition is much more fierce there for both lingerie brands and retailers.

The good news is the UK seen there first ever growth in the lingerie industry since 2011 and sales were up 5.7% in January. Now industry experts are forecasting that it will be 3 years before we see any real increase in the lingerie sector. But as I mentioned earlier we are lucky in Australia because often our distance means we aren’t affected as much as our international friends.

The thing is within the Australian lingerie industry all of our favorite lingerie labels are from the UK or the US but by the time it hits our stores it is much more expensive due to freight and duty tax. Does price have that much of in impact when it comes to women buying bras?

Let’s not focus on that!

How to thrive in any economy!

  1. Know whom you’re market is: Be very specific, those who are always have a better return then those who aren’t.
  2. Create an awesome customer experience for your customers both in store and online.
  3. Get creative and think of original ways you can drive traffic into your business.
  4. Create multiple streams in your marketing funnel again get creative.
  5. Don’t be like every other lingerie business: Be different and be brave enough to march to your own drum.
  6. Create a VIP list and looks after your existing customers.

The more we unite the better the industry is lingerie independents are some of the most exceptional business owners in the world. The passion, the knowledge and the dedication are awe-inspiring.

Build a strong brand and be different then you wont have to worry about what is happening in the economy.

If you think you would a like a brainstorming session to get you started just say the word!

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