22 October 13

The Future Of Lingerie Businesses

In the past, Retail was a dog eat dog world where we would see everyone and everything as competition.  You don’t know who to talk too, or who to trust, so you end up keeping your cards very close to your chest.


Now I don’t know about you but that doesn’t make me feel very good. There is a much more elegantly way to do business.

It is crucial we unite the lingerie industry if you want to grow and evolve. There is no room for scarcity and a lack mentality. You can choose which way you want to conduct yourself and your business. Just like you can choose to go with what feels right to you.

So why is it so crucial that lingerie brands support retailers and retailers support brands. Because we are moving into a global currency whereby we will have a smooth transition about how we do business globally. It will go even as far as little old Oz.

When we get scared the first thing we do is withdraw, brands tighten their belts with promotional material and education. Retailers tighten their purse strings and don’t invest in massive orders. While I completely understand the thought process behind that, there is another way.

Brands, retailers and myself all have the same goal. To empower women through the self expression of lingerie. You can have the freedom to do whatever you like, and have your business by your design. Knowing that we are all in this together for the greater good.

All we need to focus on is building brand awareness for both labels and retailers then creating an amazing experience for women. We can that by….

  • Brands - make it easy for Retailers to find you and order from you.
  • Brands - if you supply retailers with promotions material the better your collection is displayed, the more sales you will make.
  • Brands - help educate retailers and their teams about why your collection is so awesome because they will think of it first when they’re in the fits and on the floor.
  • Retailers - know who your target market is and speak to them in their language.
  • Retailers - create an awesome customer experience.
  • Retailers - don’t be scared to try new collections.
  • Understand that online presence is just as important as offline and know where your target market hang out!
  • The more lingerie labels build their brand the easier it is for Retailers to sell it.
  • The more Retailers stand out and be different the more people will gravitate to them.
  • Brands and Retailers understand that lingerie bloggers have an amazing, unique and independent voice. One that consumers respect and listen too so work with us because we are passionate about the industry as well. We want to help.


We can make this transition with ease and grace. Know that what you do effects me, what I do effects you and we all have this power. Let’s use it is a positive and powerful way.

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