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9 June 15

Do Lingerie Stores Discriminate Women?

So many businesses go safe route, but only the ones that are committed to making a change are at the forefront.


Lingerie stores


Imagine if you’re a woman who has never been able to walk into a department store or any store and buy a bra. With no luxury of having one the looks good, I just want something that fits. The women who need to try on bras, can’t. The women who need support, don’t get it…. Unless they scour the globe and risk buying something online or travelling an hour (minimum) to buy a bra. Seriously, who has time for that?

Feeling alive from the inside out is about sending a subliminal message to ourselves that no matter what I look like, what shape I am, what size I am, what color I am or how many limbs I may have or I may not have, I am not alone and I love me for me.

Every woman wants and deserves to feel good about themselves, they want to feel pretty… whatever that looks like to them. By stores not catering to them is received as “I don’t deserve to feel pretty” that’s not the intention, but guaranteed after a lifetime of not having this available to us that’s how it’s received.

Imagine when I wake up in the morning and I think “I want to duck down to the shops and buy a bra” You walk into your local store and you go to the well laid out lingerie section where we do not discriminate on size, because is that like saying colored people have to shop over there… ? You can find what you’re looking for and you have a variety to choose from, you head to the change room and try it on.

It’s not a case of picking the best one from a bad bunch; it’s a matter of “OMG! I love them and I want all of them!” * happy dance *


A girl can dream…






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  • Yep, I agree. I hate lingerie stores though it is a heap better than when I was a teenager and only had “granny bras” to choose from. At least now there seems to be some acknowledgement that people might be larger than a D cup and that they might also like something other than beige, black or a gross, pseudo aqua colour!

    • LOL Louisa, I tried on a beige LACE bra the other day and I just said to the lady “I’m sorry, but it’s just so ugly!” We are definitely moving in the right direction though! They’re out there we just need more of them and more readily available locally.

  • I’m not a standard size and the underwear chain stores don’t cater for my size and if they do, they’re like what my Nanna wore. They’d get more custom if they catered for all sizes. I know I’d visit there more often. (Popping over from Working with Brands Bevy FB page.)

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

    • I’m the same Anne, and I am working with them to help make that happen, but it’s a process I can assure you. I seriously don’t understand why I live in the 2nd largest city in Australia and have to travel 45 mins to a store, buy a set and they didn’t have the other style in my size so now I have to drive over there AGAIN to try it and hopefully buy it…. ARGH!

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    I have ended up going thorough an online company for my bras- best decision I ever made as now my bras actually fit!

    • That’s awesome Lauren, you have to do what you have to do and if it fits then perfect. It’s a shame we can’t buy and shop local, but a girl needs a good bra! I went bra shopping on the weekend and I tried on 14 bras and ranging over about 5 different sizes!


    I have learned to appreciate this problem although the discrimination in my case is different. I am straight a guy and medication I need for an unrelated condition has the known side effect commonly causing some chest enlargement in men. My physician has changed my medication several times but the only one that works well enlarged my chest and resulted in back and shoulder pains. The only workable solution is a bra. I wear tight sports bras to work and change to nicer bras at home. I have been wearing bras for 10 years and a bra is just another item I wear every day. I am rarely bothered when shopping for bras but I usually have to sneak bras into the fitting rooms.

    • manbreast

      hello victor i dont like a sport bra i wear a normal bra every day under what ever shirt i like usually a knit shirt and with my 46 G breast i really dont care who looks ,my situation is like yours large breast from meds

      • It’s such a shame that you have to resort to hiding the bras to try them on, where is the customer care and non judgments…I say to whatever you need to do and wear whatever you like. Have you tried Moving Comfort Sports bras? They are super comfy and supportive.


          Hello Renee – There are some stores that won’t let me try on bras but most of the places I go to are OK. I do buy bras online as well. I do not wear pull-over sports bras because my shoulders are wider than most women’s and getting them off can be impossible. I have ripped seams and once almost asked my wife to cut it off. My sports bras are 40D/18D to be tight and compress my breasts. My regular bras are 40DD. I have several Moving Comfort Maia and Jubralee and both are very good bras. I like different colors too and depending what I am wearing a lighter color bra hides better. I have quite a few sports bras because I wear 2 every day to work and the inner one can’t wick the sweat away through the outer bra.

          I also like Title 9 bras and sometimes wear the T-9 Super Lace or Mercy underwire under a front close. That way I get good support, minimal bounce and compression. But it is sooo uncomfortable that I change to a nicer bra as soon as I get home.

          • Thank you for sharing, because the more we talk about it the awareness we create and hopefully it will make it easier for you to shop. xxx


            Most women seem to like to take their bra off when they get home. My wife is like that. But when I get home I change into a nicer bra. It’s funny that way.

            I have learned alot about bras in the last 10 years – styles, brands, sizes, fashion seasons and colors.

          • I bet you have, I love how everyone os different. Some women wear bras to bed and others taken them off as soon as they get home.

  • Fran

    Most of the stores in my local area don’t cary small band large cup (34GG) the ones that do only have a limited selection, they also not Guy friendly.

    • Most aren’t guy friendly even if they’re not getting fitted, which I get but surely there is a way around it. I recently made a Facebook update on Bra Queen about men being in the fits and the retailers commented with “majority rules”, they were nice and honest with their comments… it’s a tricky one.

      • Fran

        The stores and their women customers assume that all men in the store are perverts!

        • I think I a lot of women are self cautious about their bodies and feel quite exposed when getting fitted, so it’s more about how they’re feeling than how they feel about others…. if that makes sense 🙂

          • Fran

            Yes, that makes sense. I also feel self conscious about my body,being a man with breasts and the need to be fitted for a bra.

          • I understand that Fran, unfortunately there isn’t a big demand to warrant a speciality store I guess… unless you could do an online store, but that limits the fitting…. food for thought! It could be your new venture!

          • Fran

            the interest of full discloser in regard to fitting rooms.

            have been married for 30 years. My wife absolutely hates to go bra shopping, she
            had not been for a number of years when we were married she ask me to please go
            with her because she wanted my input and ideas.

            agreed we went to a high-end store she told the clerk she wanted a bra fitting,
            but when I started to go with her the clerk said men were not allowed in the
            fitting rooms! My wife said but he is my husband and I want him with me, the
            clerk responded with a defiant no. We left and tried another high-end store
            same thing. The next week she called a specialty store and ask if she could
            bring her husband, they hesitantly said yes. The fitting room had solid walls
            and a door, so we didn’t understand what had been problem at the other stores
            they sure lost our business. The fitter was very good and my bought 4 bras we
            were both happy. We shopped there for several yeas. Then I was diagnosed with
            being of prostate cancer, my father had dies form if my brother had stage III
            prostate cancer. My wife who is an RN encouraged me to have the most aggressive
            treatment which was orchiectomy and hormone treatment saying she wanted to keep
            around unlike my father and brother. Long story short my body changed rather
            rapidly my breasts became very enlarged so the next time we went in the same
            store my wife ask to have me
            fitted the fitter said I don’t fit men!! My wife then ask is could bring in a
            few bras for me to try on, again NO. We left never to return (more business
            lost) I question their business model!

          • I’m sorry to hear that. A little understanding and customer care and compassion go a long way.

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