6 July 10

Lingerie Retailers Are Scared

article-1060279-02C3C2E100000578-768_468x314Oops did I just say that aloud….I hear those words escape the lips of so many people but more to the point why are we hearing them?

  • Lingerie Retailers are playing it safe when it comes to ordering stock
  • They stock the same as everyone else
  • The Global Financial Crisis
  • The wages
  • The government
  • Our customers aren’t buying

Well that’s just depressing isn’t it?

So what are you going to do crawl up into a ball and give up? Or do you take control of your life and business. You take charge!

Stop blaming and thinking and starting doing- The thing is the more you’re thinking the less work you are doing so let’s reverse that so you can start to kick some lingerie butt.

Ignite the passion

Ask yourself why you started in this industry?

Why did you open your business?

I bet you had a crystal clear vision for you and your business…at what stage did the flame go out? You’re not complacent you’re go getter….you’re unique.

If you’re unique your collection must be unique also…yes?

I have a challenge for you- Go into 3 different lingerie stores and see what things you have in common. If you carry the same stock then there’s a reason why you’re not making the money you want to be making. You think you carry the same stock because that’s want the customers want….and Mrs Jones has been buying that bra for 30 years and she loves it.

Here’s want women want-

  1. 48.9% of women like to be professionally fitted, 35.1% doesn’t worry them.
  2. 50% of women are unsatisfied with the service given in department stores however shop there because everywhere has the same collections.
  3. Only 19.4% of women buy from Small Lingerie Businesses however if offered different collections they would be more then happy to change.
  4. 77.5% of women want sexy sets they can wear everyday.
  5. 91% of the women surveyed want more styles available to them in their size.

Are you adhering to what your customers want?

The next most important thing is to network within the industry know who’s who and what’s happening the best way to do this is to go the Lingerie Expo’s or maybe the Bridal Expo may be a market match for you?

Australia’s Lingerie Expo- Fashion Exposed, we need to support our industry if we all want to grow so whether you exhibit there or whether you attend just as long as you’re there meeting and connecting.

I will be holding a FREE workshop at 11:45am Sunday 29th August & Monday 30th August

New York Expo- CurveNY

Las Vegas Expo- CurveNV

Paris Expo- Le salon international de la lingerie

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