13 February 14

Lingerie Presenting, Film Work & Voiceovers

There is no denying that video is a powerful tool online! Especially in the lingerie industry when it’s hard to recreate that in store experience online. Done well it can give you a competitive advantage and the ability to go viral and generate awesome traffic.

I have had the privilege of working with numerous leading lingerie labels doing film work and presenting for them. I have also been the main presenter on a TV show called Room To Grow and I have done numerous voiceover work.

We deliver a professional outcome that is tailored to your brand and we also create a relaxed and comfortable environment on set. Which is extremely important when you’re doing any film work. We have access to an affordable film crew and if you’ve looked into it you know it can be crazy expensive. If you’re not sure then let’s have  a chat and see if  it’s right for you!

You can check out some of my work here and here.


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