7 December 16

The Lingerie From My Photo-shoot

What lingerie I wore and why for my lingerie/ boudoir photo-shoot, whether it’s for your own lingerie photo-shoot or to add to your lingerie collection, enquires has been flooding in.

How I choose the lingerie?

  1. I wanted lingerie that suited my personality and that I genuinely loved.
  2. A color variety that would change it up a little, add something different to the shoot and potentially show a different side of me.
  3. Show a few different lingerie options, lingerie set, a corset/ bodysuit and a nude alternative.
  4. Being a 12H (UK34H) I wanted to show people that beautiful lingerie does exist in larger cup sizes.

BraStop decked me out in Scantily Tales By Curvy Kate


Surrender Basque

This is a beautiful bodysuit that feels great on the body; it gives you a beautiful shape both in the body and the bust line!

Surrender, for me echoed my gentle, soft, loving and understanding side of myself.


Peek A Boo

This lingerie set is very high on my rotation, it beautiful, it makes me feel good wearing it and it provides a great shape.

Peek a boo, for me brings out and reflects my strong, feminine, powerful and fierce side of me… but still honours my playfulness and strong sense of fun.



This was my nude alternative, but you can wear any black bra under it (although I do love Unleash with it). In my shoot I didn’t wear a bra with it, now I where it under my clothes now and I love how it makes me feel when I do.

Tuxedo, brought out a side to myself that I feel like I am still exploring… both the openly soft and sensual yet still strong, confident and determined elements I have with me.



Lingerie is an extension of who we are and how it makes us feel… or it can evoke how we want to feel and that can change any and every day. Do you want to be the safe and secure, the powerhouse, the priestess, the jester, the queen or the goddess? There is no wrong or right, just what is right for you.

I like my lingerie to continue to expose more of who I am as well as honour how I am feeling in every moment. It’s a little reminder that we are in charge of our happiness and we need to dictate that, not let other people dictate it for us.


Inside Scantily by Curvy Kate.

I am so in love with this range, it’s really something!

It’s all robust and really well made.

Bra Band Sizes- 8 to 16 (UK 30 to 38)

Bra Cup Sizes- DD to HH


Brastop (D to K Cup) I find carry the most extensive collection, cheap shipping and the best prices.


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