4 March 14

Why lingerie for me is more then a necessity


There is so much more to lingerie then sex, fashion, a necessity or wearing it for your partner. Every one is valid but it’s not why I love it.

There is so much body snark and self confidence issues you have to ask where will it end?


Lingerie has always made me feel feminine and empowered and the confidence that it brings is life changing.  When women feel confident they are happier, more fulfilled and they are more inspired to make a difference in their world.

For so many years that feeling that sensation has been robbed for many women because sexy everyday lingerie didn’t exist in their size. I know for me personally I felt foreign and I hated going bra shopping because I felt like a freak walking into a lingerie store that has hundreds of bras but none in my size.

To feel empowered is so important to me because for a big portion of my life I was powerless. I was physically abused for many years and I made a big change in my life. It was a silent life for so long because the embarrassment and shame are paralysing but now I realise there is no change in silence. So when I say that lingerie is more then just a necessity I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I am so passionate about sharing this gift to women and I will continue to be an advocate in self-expectance and empowerment. Lingerie is my platform to make that change because every body deserves to feel empowered and love their body.


Make a change.

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