24 April 17

Lingerie For The Multi-Faceted Woman

In lingerie, fashion and even society we talk about, your style, your personality and discovering what that looks like for you.

The Bra Queen Lingerie Profiles give you an accurate reading of your most prominent character traits and how you can create a lingerie drawer from there. Lingerie industry experts, lingerie bloggers and lingerie stores talk about the importance of a good bra fitting, bra sizes and your bra personality all the time.

Maybe we are all selling you short?

Echoing that lingerie is more than bra and a necessity just to give the girls a supportive home and some lift. It’s confidence, empowerment and a fashion item…right? Do you know that, believe that, see that, feel that?

What if we’re more than that?

Just as we blur the lines between inner-wear and outwear in fashion and lingerie, we are blurring the lines in limiting who we are as women.

Multi faceted women who wear many hats, we have careers, lovers, partners, friends, kids and family. In all those roles we are different women, who show up differently at different times right?

We differently women on different days, we have numerous character traits inside of us that we sometimes ignore.

… The quiet woman who craves to be a little bit fierce.

… The wild woman who craves to be gentle.

… The good girl who wants to be a little bit naughty

… The faithful girl who is bored and wants to spice things up.

We are all of those women and more, who shows up on which day depends on how we desire to feel. What pleasures can we concoct and create today?

We are more than any one thing.

  • More than an introvert
  • An extravert
  • Type “A” personality or whatever “profile” you have been assigned.

If lingerie makes you feel alive, it also has the ability to help how you show up in your day.

The question is WHOM do you want to show up as today?

Maybe it’s time to expand your lingerie drawer?

Erase the labels and see what speaks to you today?


Here is some lingerie inspiration for you.


Pour Moi Amour Convertible Bralette

Freya Idol Allure

Lepel Roxy Moulded Balconette Longline Bra

Curvy Kate Vegas Balconette Bra Black Print



Pour Moi Hush Half Cup Bra Black

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