2 August 16

Lingerie Made Me Fearless

On the flip side of anger and frustration is passion, in the beginning of my lingerie journey I was frustrated. Bra Queen was born because I had absolute trust and faith in that beautiful lingerie needs to be readily available for every body, all sizes.

It was frustrating to go into a lingerie store and be greeted by a girl with perky breasts that doesn’t realise just how frustrating it is to go bra shopping. Out of thousands of bras I was shown one that looked like I stole it off my Grandmother. As I started to research and literally scour the globe to find beautiful lingerie you could wear everyday I started to discover there were companies that make beautiful lingerie in larger cup sizes.

My first beautiful bra was Freya Lingerie's Arabella, she holds a soft spot in my heart because I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of me feeling alive from the inside out. It was the freedom of self expression and confidence it gave me, even if I was doing the housework and wearing track-pants.

I felt confident and that made me feel beautiful.


Slowly that confidence turned into empowerment and for the first time in my life I started to accept myself as I was, not younger, not skinnier, not more toned, not older, not for how I used to look or how I wished I would look. Me. Me for me, as I was at that time and the sense of relief, gratitude and love that swept over me changed my life.

That trust, that Bra Queen was going to change the way women felt about themselves started with me and it turned into something so absolutely beautiful. As I worked and collaborated with our largest leading lingerie companies we were beginning to unite and band together to continue to empower women. Create diversity in the marketplace and change the face of beauty.

Now, when I look around the lingerie industry it isn’t as lonely as it used to be and that makes me happy. Bra Queen gave me the ability to embrace all of who I am and accept myself for who I am. Once I allowed myself the freedom to be and trust the feeling and sense of knowing, amazing opportunities were waiting in the wings.

It was that trust and surrendering, that feeling alive from inside out matters. You matter and that dream you have, you should do that. It starts with love and gratitude when you look in the mirror, as you begin to fall in love with yourself in the most beautiful way.

No one has captured it more beautifully than Scantilly, fearless lingerie by Curvy Kate. This picture captures what lingerie represents to me… lingerie honours the freedom of self expression and empowers women in a way that makes them feel alive. 


scantilly by curvy kate lingerie,

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