14 July 13

Lingerie is so much more then sex!

You know lingerie is so much more then wearing a good fitting bra and your bra size. Wearing divine lingerie is so much more then it being about sex and it is so much more then something women must put on everyday.

Think about what we do every morning when we get ready. We shower, put our make up on, do our hair and we get dressed without really thinking about any of it. We’re on auto pilot.

Imagine waking up and having an enjoyable stretch and it feeling amazing, having a shower and feeling the water against your skin. Moisturising your body so it feels amazing against your clothes, choosing an amazing piece of lingerie so when you put it on you instantly feel taller, confident and empowered. You feel deliciously feminine and ready to start the day. You go about your day with that sensing of knowing that you feel good. No matter what your day brings every woman deserves to feel this way, more confident, more empowered and more alive.

Lingerie does that.

Lingerie is fashion, lingerie is practical and serves a purpose but what it brings us is so much more then comfort and support. Lingerie makes us feel alive and when we feel alive we are happy and fulfilled.

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