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1 September 15

Lingerie For Introverted People

What does sexy look like to you? Sexy has many facets and lingerie is for every body. Ania, the head designer for Avocado Lingerie shares with us not only what sexy looks like for her, but also how we can use lingerie to express ourselves. (and no one needs to know)


A woman is sexy in a very erotic way. Big hair, full make-up (including fake lips, fake lashes) long fake nails and round, exposed, silicone-like looking breasts. They look like a cover of Playboy magazine.

Things have been changing and there is a lot of choice when it comes to lingerie, but there is still a lot of pressure on women to look "sexy" in a certain way. And mainstream lingerie is to help you achieve it.

Smaller companies have goals of their own, and often they either do not try to be "sexy" at all, but to serve a different purpose.

We need to redefine "sexy"

mirabelle avocado lingerie, sexy lingerie


To me, and to Avocado, sexy means natural. I like sheer fabrics and natural breast shape. I realise there's so much demand for round shape simply everywhere in the world now and we too need to offer such shape, but I personally just love a natural, a little pointy cup shape. I find it sexy and elegant, especially if you have an hourglass body shape.

One day I was having a conversation about “who is an Avocado woman” and what she is like.

The first thing that always comes to mind when you define a woman that chooses lingerie that is in some way extravagant is; strong, self-confident and daring.

This is somewhat obvious, but it didn't really ring true to me. She doesn't HAVE to be like this.

I am not like that, yet always chose extravagant lingerie and there are many more women like me!

There are people who seem to be very integrated their looks, how they behave, what their opinions are seem to be very consistent. If your personality is flamboyant or quiet introvert and minimalist or sporty and outgoing then so are your clothes and your lingerie. It’s the overall energy around you - then there's a strong, consistent image of who you are.

For me the most interesting is what's inconsistent, like little cracks in the image, layers of our individual features that constitute our individuality. If the way we dress is a form of expression of who we are and can be easily perceived by others, then lingerie is a way of expression that is more intimate and can be diverse, unexpected. It can be in tune with parts or layers of our personality that we just don't want to show to the outer world, but which somehow complete us.

For example, I wear a lot of black. I do wear lots of sporty black; like hoodies and sporty skirts, nothing sophisticated. If I wear colour, it's a very bold colour, very strong, but usually it's just black and grey. If I wear colour, I prefer my lingerie to be nude. If I wear black, the unsophisticated sporty black, then I love my lingerie to be spectacular. I love the flash of colour from underneath; it makes me feel like it's my secret that nobody knows about, but me. It just feels good, makes me feel happy.

Now, I certainly am not a self-confident and daring woman. Or particularly seductive 🙂 But, my everyday lingerie is sort of unexpected and it fits in as another part or layer of myself, which is different from what's outside, but is also complementary to it.

So what I would like to say is; lingerie is made to complete you and how you express yourself, on a more intimate level. It's a way of expression of what makes you feel beautiful and sexy. What do you like about yourself, without necessarily showing it to the outer world?

It's not really necessary to be self-confident and strong to wear lingerie that is vibrant or extravagant. You may also be shy, vulnerable or an introvert, maybe not ready to show the more daring, playful, divert part of yourself to other people, but just ready to acknowledge it to yourself.



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