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Hard work and dedication

A relentless passion for fashion and lingerie.

These values that helped Krys and Jack build one of the most
innovative European lingerie import businesses in Australia. Since
founding Tinaline Lingerie in 2012, this duo has gone on to expand their
line to include more than a dozen of the hottest European lingerie
brands.But, for Krys and Jack, quality lingerie is more than just a job…

It’s a way of life. Born and raised in Poland, in the heart of Central
Europe, Krys was always a fashion lover. Like every young European girl
in a big city, she grew up surrounded by high end storefronts and design
houses, and this led to a dream of being a fashion designer.Though she
majored in Economics, Krys love of fashion followed her through her
young life.

As a hobby, she would create clothing out of fabrics she bought from
wholesalers, creating pieces that reflected her own unique style better
than anything found in stores.

Eventually she developed a love of lingerie and tights that would go on
to be the inspiration behind her founding Tinaline lingerie.

Jack, Engineering specialist, had a love for computers and business that
meshed perfectly with Krys love of fashion.

It wasn’t long before the two realized their mutual dream,moved to
Australia, and started a business.Starting out of a walk-in closet with
nothing but a few thousand dollars, Jack’s computers, and Krys’s
European contacts, Tinaline Lingerie was born.

Today, it’s Krys and Jack’s passion (and full time career) to bring the
latest and greatest in European lingerie to Australian retailers at the
best prices. In keeping with that mission,Tinaline Lingerie supplies the
best, most modern and elegant collections at prices anybody can afford.
Krys also provide personal consultations to customers, helping every
customer develop a sexy and sensuous style that’s uniquely her own.

If you’re looking for a lingerie item to spice up your collection, or
are new to lingerie and seeking a consultation, we’re here for you.

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