3 December 14

Lingerie in 2015

As I was telling Spurst in an interview earlier in the year, I see lingerie collections and designers becoming much more unique and being “on trend” is differently to what we have seen in the past.

In the past, lingerie has been designed around specific color palettes and seasons. While we still see certain style and patterns on trend we are starting to see blurred lines in design trends. Lingerie designers can enjoy inspiration in many forms over any time of the year and it’s being well received in the market place. The style, cut, support are playing a much more important role than ever before, whether it be vintage, retro, flirtatious, everyday or femme fatale.

This will continue to happen in lingerie in 2015.

What you can expect…

As always if you see something you like please ensure you tell your local lingerie boutique, so we can all enjoy diversity in our stores and encourage retailers to stock a variety collections.


Folie douce LOU lingerie

Oxygene 18217 lemon copie-2


marlies|dekkers (Loving this inner/ outer wear concept, it's smokin')






Silent Assembly, new label by Kay Cohen Founder of Pleasure State

Silent assembly


silent assembly


silent assembly everyday


The Lingerie Parlour, which is dedicated to offering fancy and feminine vintage lingerie, sleep wear, and lounge wear, each piece is a complete vintage one off.


lingerie parlour




Freya Lingerie

freya fifi

 freya starlett


Fantastie Lingerie

I seriously LOVE this one!

fanastie allegra

fanastie mae


Love this one too

fanastie natalie


Elomi Lingerie

 Elomi emily

elomi lexi


Huit Lingerie

Not quite sure about how well hosiery and sand go together, but I LOVE the set.

Enchantee Huit


a fleur de peau huit

huit 2015

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  • Caz Filmer

    So pretty. I love the first two. Some of these could easily be swim wear as they’re so cute.

    • Agree Caz, we are starting to see much more of a crossover xxx

    • We are seeing a crossover not for sure!

  • Holy Mumma Me gonna-have-get-me-some-dat! hehee Awesome post today lovely love the styles and designs what an exciting selection!

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