13 December 09

Life Without Doubt

Now I want you to think and this-

Where would you be without doubt? The ONLY thing that stops us from doing something is!
Let's talk about your doubt and put it aside because it will only hold you back and I KNOW you, you don't want that.

"Stuff" happens, it happens for a reason it's how you process it that's important. Life tests you, I am going to share something with you.
A constant challenge I face is-

  • It's OK to say "I'll think about it"
  • I'm the easiest lash in the world, I'm so easy to sell too but sometimes I have to force myself to say hang on a minute is this what I want/need and if it's not it's OK to say NO!

My mind works like GO GO GO and I get so caught up in the moment I forget to stop and think about it. Sadly sometimes alot of the time people take advantage of that. So that's my thing and I always have to focused because life is ALWAYS throwing me challenges, testing me to make sure I'm on top of my game. Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not and when I'm not I usually find myself down a couple of thou! And I slap myself.

Through my ever evolving self discovery I don't get mad or angry at anyone (a little at myself) but I say "Life is testing me to make sure I learned my lesson"

My point is- "Stuff" is going to happen but try to learn your lesson from it and move on. When you doubt yourself  you lose focus and that's when "stuff happens" because you not learning your lesson, I truly believe that when you 100% learn life will stop throwing you that particular challenge.

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