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5 November 15

Life Beyond Bras, Boobs & Bodies

What if we could reinvent narcissism, whereby we redirected the love for ourselves not for what we seen in the mirror, but for the copious amount of love we had for whom we are on the inside? Where we would stop at nothing to allow ourselves to be ourselves as we are?

Where we could just move through life owning our bodies at every stage… How do you think that would change the way we live our lives? The why we feel about ourselves?

I am done blaming brands, models and the media for their warped sense of beauty. Surely we have arrived at a time where we are responsible for ourselves, and what we teach our children?

It’s so easy to get caught up in “news” when brands use anything outside the model spectrum. Like we are waiting for someone to change just so we can evolve as a society. For only than will we know all this work has been for something.

What on earth are we waiting for?


Body positive


For ten years I have been immersed in lingerie, what started out of frustration because I couldn’t find a bra to fit me has turned into something much bigger. Ten years ago I scoured the globe to find a pretty bra to fit my massive breasts because I couldn’t find one in Australia. I found several, but I discovered something much more significant than a pretty and well fitting bra.

It’s more than just a bra, it’s something that we can put on every morning to make ourselves feel good. It’s the confidence it gives you, it’s the empowerment and self expression that it brings… it’s more than a bra it’s the beginning of women living life in their power, confident, happy and they’re excited and ready to start their day.

As much as my love for lingerie started out to help women like me, smallish frames and bigger cup sizes to find lingerie. I discovered it was beyond just a cup size. The gap in the market has also left a big gap within us, because we let go of our power and let the media, brands and models determine what beauty is… It infused our minds, hurt our hearts and we lost the love we had for ourselves.

As much as that makes me sad, what is done id done. Now it is up to us to take back our power.

After years of obsessing about food, eating disorders, how I looked, what I weighed and feeling like I was never skinny enough, smart enough, strong enough, brave enough or perfect enough. It leaves you hollow to the point where we are just existing, not living because we are too consumed in all the “what if’s” and “I’ll start on Monday.”

I am enough.

You are enough, as you are. There is absolutely nothing you have to do or be that will make you feel better. It’s in the being-ness of now and loving you as you are that you take back your power.

You can be underweight and be unhappy, overweight and be unhappy or have the “perfect” body and be unhappy, or we can be happy.

Beauty is more than using plus size models, it’s about self acceptance and learning that it’s OK to feel good as you are, perfectly imperfect.

I want lingerie brands to stop circling around body diversity and get real… I don’t want it to make news. I want to see diversity in our lingerie and want the models we see to be an extension of that.

You think it’s confronting for people see? I call it LIFE.

Why not celebrate it?

All my scars, both internal and external leave me proud because they are reminders about how far I have come. How brave I am, how strong I am, how smart I am and how beautiful I am.

And these very scars, the ones that make you feel alone, weird and different are the same ones that unite us and bring us together.

With all my heart and soul, I believe lingerie makes you feel alive, now, today… right here is this very moment. When you walk and feel the soft material against your skin, it reminds you and brings you back to this very moment and it’s exactly where you’re meant to be.



Lingerie in image by Avocado Lingerie.
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