19 September 16

A little bit of luxe with La Perla Lingerie

For the woman who loves a little bit a luxury, you cannot deny the feeling of material that feels divine against your skin.

Lingerie that feels like a second skin…

Lingerie that makes you feel sensual…

Lingerie that makes you smile all throughout your day as you feel the gentle softness as you move…

Those small moments that make you feel like you’re alive, happy and confident in who you are.

Those moments are small, but they are priceless because they give you something that is so much more than a bra and panties, it’s the power, confidence and love that you feel inside.

La Perla is a label that oozes decadence and lingerie you can wear everyday… The most heavenly infusion! La Perla dates back to 1954 and was founded by an Italian woman named, Ada Masotti.

La Perla means “the most feminine and harmonious gem.”

The undertones echo the mood of transformation and versatility that carries out throughout their entire collection.

Happiness is…

Jazz Time

Jazz time by la perla lingerie

Neoprene Desire

La Perla Neoprene desire

Freesia Bodysuit

laPerla freesia bodysuit



Sizes: 32 to 42 (AU10 to 20).

Cup sizes: A to D

Check out the entire collection at La Perla dot com.




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