10 February 10

Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie

Once upon a time a woman went on a long search for a good suspender belt set … and ended up with a vintage inspired lingerie brand designed for femme fatales; glamorous, sensual and intelligent women with just a hint of danger.

Along came Kiss Me Deadly

I LOVE Kiss Me Deadly, why?

* She is so incredibly lovely and real, you know I love real.
* Catherine offers super sexy that is still so elegant and sophisticated. Not many Lingerie companies can get the right.
* She tells a story which I love, so we are able to go with her on a journey just by looking at her collection, image wearing it....
* She does not make or sell to a zillion Department Stores because it's more then just the sale; it's the experience, it's the fit,

It's the way you feel when you wear it.....

What do you think? You can check out her site www.kissmedeadly.co.uk Her size range is small; 10 to 14 (UK32 to 36), B to DD Cups however she explains why here

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