8 June 11


We hear a lot about plus size lingerie, real women around the world and oodles of lingerie designers are starting to cater for plus size women. BUT a major gap in the market and an extremely hard to find bra size is 16 to 22 with A and B Cup Sizes.

Women who are bigger in the back and have smaller busts find it so hard to find a bra catered for them, it’s impossible and incredibly frustrating for them. When a store doesn’t have your bra size especially when they are a specialty store and you are told you have to get a bra custom made it is hard to hear and you feel like a freak.

These women as alone as they feel are so not alone because there are so many women who have this problem. Many women wear ill fitting bras that fit them around the back but are baggy in the cup offering no support what so ever. The band often rolls up under your arms and it is so uncomfortable. For years most companies thought that if they are bigger around the back then they also have big breasts however this is not the case.

With that let me introduce a much needed lingerie collection that now makes plus size bras with smaller cups;


Itty Bitty Bra have been being us smaller cup size bras for awhile now receiving rave reviews from celebrites such as Taylor Swift and Rachel Ray. The leading intimate apparel brand for petite to average sized women, has just launched a brand new group called FLATTER ME BRA, specially designed for women with petite breasts but broader body proportions sized 40AAs, As and Bs to 48B and available in nude and black, with removable pads for $42 at retail. Manufactured from fine quality fabrications and a patented cup, Flatter Me Bra features the same meticulous quality design by Itty Bitty Bra that provides accurate sizing for superior comfort and fit while preventing gapping or puckering.



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