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2 March 12

Is Your Work Level Sustainable?

We’ve been having this discussion over at Stereo UN Typical about the need to re define “Super Woman Syndrome”. A lot of women have been conditioned to believe we have to make sacrifices and/or we can’t have it all. We feel the need to DO everything, BE everything TO every one and we feel that no one can do it as well as us.

When you have your hand held so tightly on the pulse of your business you are unable to see things clearly, to think clearly. It’s time to step back!

But we don’t want too because we feel like by doing that we are giving up control, we failed or what we’ve been doing is wrong and we get defensive.

When you put on 10 pairs of glasses do you think you are able to see clearly? No. Take the glasses off one pair at a time.


1. There is NO space in business for limited thinking or sacrifice.  We CAN have it all and we also have the ability to make choices and fill our days with everything we WANT and enjoy doing. To create a life by design….your designs.

2. We DO NOT have to DO everything- In fact we shouldn’t, truth is you don’t enjoy doing everything do you? Delegate whatever you aren’t good at or whatever you dislike doing.

3. The person you can BE is a real one! Be whoever it is you are, be a good role model for your staff, family and friends.

4. Let the control freak in you GO! I can say that because I was for many years the biggest control freak. It stunts your growth, it limits your thinking and it is in no way a productive way to run your business.

5. Let you business run on autopilot- If you want to prove to yourself that you are as awesome as what you think you are then the biggest sign is that your business will run as efficiently, as productively and as profitable when you are NOT there. If it doesn’t then you have work to do.

6. Always remember there is no right or wrong only what is right for you and your customers. Be open because the day you think you know everything is the day you know nothing.

7. Switch off otherwise you are no good to anyone, refuel your tank and when you step out of the business you need to switch off mentally as well.

8. Start to take notice of how you feel when someone wants to help you. Do you resist? Do you feel like you can’t trust that person to do it? Do your defences go up and you start to make excuses?

9. We see through you- Even when you think no one can see or notice how you are really feeling, we can. Remember 97% of how we communicate is NON verbal. If it’s only a thought in the back of your mind we can see it!

10. Its an excuse, a story- No matter where you live, people are still people and we choose how we want to see them. If you catch yourself saying “In ……. We don’t do that, in ……. people don’t buy…….,  In …….. that doesn’t work”

Don’t judge, remove all perceptions; remove the glasses one pair at a time until you can see clearly.


Let people in, let people help. It makes you a BETTER person.

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