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11 May 11


A recent post on Bra’s Exposed Maternity Bras, Nursing Bras & Cake Lingerie received a crazy amount of hits and still does. In that post it was discussed why Cake Lingerie are so successful and why we love them but today they have reached what is a milestone in the history of lingerie and oh my goodness I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. Here’s why;

Four flexible wire bras featured in Cake Lingerie’s sixth instalment of its global “Real Mums, Real Fit” Campaign in France this month which travels the world to inspire women to look and feel beautiful through pregnancy and breastfeeding with the comfort and support of Cake Lingerie products.

Wearing a flexible-wire maternity bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding can provide superior shape, support and a good overall breast health, new research has found.

The research, conducted by Cake Lingerie, reveals a properly fitted underwire bra can be more suitable than a non-wired bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding as the wire maintains the natural shape and curve of the breasts.

Some believe there is a stigma attached around wired bras with pregnancy and mastitis, however the likeliness of this infection occurring is associated more with a restricted or compressed bra and cup size.

Cake Lingerie launched its 2011 Collection with bras consisting of flexible wire made from a unique alloy blend to individually mould to each wearer.

Now being that this is a world first and it does go against everything that was ever said I wanted to ensure you had all of the correct information. I asked the fabulous team at Cake a couple of questions I thought you may want to know.

1) In the past it has been recommended that wearing an underwire can interfere with your milk ducts and the flow of breast milk, will this happen with the new flexible underwire

Cake Lingerie:- Our research revealed problems with milk ducts/mastitis are more associated with non-wired bras, particularly in larger cup sizes, as these types of bras tend to flatten the chest (in an ‘East West’) shape, indicating insufficient support from a restricted or compressed bra and cup size. In the long term, this can also cause complications as the breast is being held in an unnatural shape and may even cause cosmetic damage i.e. sag.

With this in mind, the flexible wire in Cake Lingerie products have been constructed from a unique alloy blend to individually mould to each wearer for enhanced comfort and support that maintains the natural shape and curves of the breasts during this period. This is assisted by being properly fit for a maternity/nursing during months 3-9 of pregnancy and from the 3rd wk onwards post birth, as a correctly fitted bra can provide the right coverage and support to tend to a changing body.

Additionally, the Australian Breastfeeding Association reported flexible wire support is designed to flex and change position with a breasts changing shape, and are also less likely to cause problems with milk ducts and mastitis.

Furthermore, this is backed up by our fourth season using flexible wire bras in our ranges; highlighting the popularity of them with consumers, hundreds of testimonials about our flexible wire bras, as well as our popular fitting guide that indicates how to fit a bra during the key months mentioned above.

We recommend the use of flexible wire bras, provided the wearer has been professionally fitted.

2) Also where was it researched and on how many people or did someone with a medical background approve of it?

These independent recommendations are based on assessments and research we have taken across the globe with Lingerie Store Fitting Specialists and consumers. Flexible wire bras are more supportive and provide a fantastic shape when compared to a non-wired bra.

Provided that the individual has been fitted properly, our research has shown there is no better feeling then wearing a flexible wire bra.

So there you have it groundbreaking and extremely exciting day for women. I think the keynote here is to remember this Cake Lingerie collection has a unique flexible underwire which is the key element of this bra so please don’t see this as a green light to wear underwire bras through out pregnancy and breastfeeding unless of course it is a Cake Maternity Bra (RRP $59.90).

Well done and a MASSIVE congratulations to you Keith and Tracey.


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