5 August 13

Interesting Bra Fact & Bra Myths


  • 8/10 women wear the wrong size bra
  • 40% of Australian women are DD Cup plus
  • 10 years ago the most popular bra size was 12B now it is a 12D
  • The average life span of a bra is 6 to 12 months
  • Women need to be fitter at least once a year
  • Not all bras are created equal
  • The shape of a bra is just as important as the bra size
  • Comfort, support, lift, shape and size are the key elements to a bra (if it’s a sports bra breathability is also a factor)
  • The largest bra size belongs to Norma Stitz who has a chest measuring 69 inches and is the proud owner of the world’s largest bra, a size 72ZZZ
  • The smallest bra size is AA Cup
  • The average weight of a size 12DD is 3- 3.5 pound (1.36- 1.59kgs)


  • Wearing an underwire bra increases risk of getting breast cancer.
  •  Wearing a bra weakens breast tissue.
  •  Back fat. I can’t wear a bra too snug.
  • Underwire bras are all uncomfortable.
  • Nipples will show if I don’t wear a molded cup bra.
  • You’re one size and one size only.
  • There is one bra that is for every BODY
  • Loose fitting bras are more comfortable
  • Underwires are uncomfortable
  • Minimisers make a woman look smaller
  • Larger cups will never find a bra where the underwire sits flush against your chest.


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