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11 September 12

Interesting Bra Fact & Bra Myths


  • 8/10 women wear the wrong size bra
  • 40% of Australian women are DD Cup plus
  • 10 years ago the most popular bra size was 12B now it is a 12D
  • The average life span of a bra is 6 to 12 months
  • Women need to be fitter at least once a year
  • Not all bras are created equal
  • The shape of a bra is just as important as the bra size
  • Comfort, support, lift, shape and size are the key elements to a bra (if it’s a sports bra breathability is also a factor)
  • The largest bra size belongs to Norma Stitz who has a chest measuring 69 inches and is the proud owner of the world's largest bra, a size 72ZZZ
  • The smallest bra size is AA Cup
  • The average weight of a size 12DD is 3- 3.5 pound (1.36- 1.59kgs)



  • Wearing an underwire bra increases risk of getting breast cancer.
  •  Wearing a bra weakens breast tissue.
  •  Back fat. I can’t wear a bra too snug.
  • Underwire bras are all uncomfortable.
  • Nipples will show if I don’t wear a molded cup bra.
  • You’re one size and one size only.
  • There is one bra that is for every BODY
  • Loose fitting bras are more comfortable
  • Underwires are uncomfortable
  • Minimisers make a woman look smaller
  • Larger cups will never find a bra where the underwire sits flush against your chest.
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  • Ok, if minimisers don’t make a woman look smaller, what do they do??

    • Hey Sharon!

      I am not a fan of minimisers as crazy as that sounds. I found if you get a great bra for your body shape then they will be flattering and slimming and way more supportive. But oh gosh I don’t what does, it would have to be custom made.


      • jacqui

        Hi Renee, my name is jacqui, I’am a mum of one. My Breast size right now is way bigger than yours. I’am atm, a size kk or LL, not sure tho. I have had back problem’s for yrs due to this. I used to b a dd, I was too big even back then. There is no way I could buy a bra today, and be able to afford the price. So, nearly 2yrs since I last wore a bra, and can’t wear one, they are way out of our budget, and I can’t wear underwire one’s, as my last 3 bra wire’s sliced me in the left breast, and yes, it was very painful. My only solution is to have them reduced, I’am sick of being this big. Yes, I have put weight on, but, I would still b too big, I hated being a dd, wen I was alot younger. Trust me, there is no way you can help me, I just wanted to say my peace. Thank you for listening to me. Bye.

        • jacqui

          Hi Renee, just adding what I didn’t put down was, I’am also on a disability pension, there fore NOT able to buy bigger bra’s, simply because I can’t afford them. Thank you. Bye

          • Hi Jacqui!

            Thank you so much for sharing your story I really appreciate it. I understand that larger cup size bras are more expensive and not everyone can afford. I think you need to do what is right for you, there is no right or wrong just what’s right for you.

            Good luck on your journey.


  • Judi

    Minimisers have underwires that go back a lot further under the arm for those of us with breast tissue all the way back there. If I buy a bra that has wires that go to less than 3/4 of the way to the back of my arm, the wires cut into breast tissue or (after a while) press outwards & into my arm. This is because my breast tissue isn’t just “in front”, it also goes around the side of me too. My daughter is the same & when my mother had her double mastectomy, they took breast tissue from all around her underarms as well.

    • Hi Judy!

      Yes that is very common the have breast tissue that is around the side, the shape of the bra you wear is very important. If you want help with finding what shape bras will work for your body we have just released a free bra fitting app that has videos taking you through the process. It’s called Fine Lines Bra Fitting App.


  • Donna

    I’m a large bust size and was wondering how too purchase bra’s. Do you sell them?

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