6 March 14

Inside Scoop To Swimwear With Nikki Cooke

 Why swimwear/beachwear?

Originally I wanted to be a costume designer and was only interested in doing projects with colourful and vibrant designs, which was not really practical.  Later on I became frustrated that the fit of swimwear was not as well engineered as lingerie hence the move into swimwear design.  But I love the freedom you can have with the colour’s, shapes and accessories on the product.  There really are no rules!

You mention freedom and practical, two of my favourite words! Are they important to you?

When you are designing you need to be able to look at the design/concept from any angle you want.  You do not want to be restricted, as you often start with one idea but through development end up with a different ending.  This freedom to think like this is what gives me as a designer real excitement in the role, that you can take your concept anywhere you want.   Then it is time to come back down to earth and overlay this with the practical aspect of producing the design.  This can be fun too, looking at all the different technical ways to produce the garment.  This combination gives you both fresh thinking in your design process but the confidence that the end product is of the best quality possible without any compromise!

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I am a little obsessed with clean lines in traditional tailoring.   I will often see a dress, jacket in a store or like yesterday on the front of a magazine.  I like the shapes that are created from the tailoring skills of the pattern cutter.  This can be on a neckline or ideas in how to nip in the waist.

The inspiration for the colour story is very instinctive.  I have access to colour trends and stories for each season but I do not really follow them, I might see a scarf I like - the current obsession is an old Hermes scarf I have, the colour story is a dusty pink and strong blues which work well with most ladies skin tones.  Strong colour excites me.


I love strong colours. What kind of woman wears Nikki Cooke beachwear?

The ladies I have met who enjoy wearing Nikki Cooke have a great sense of style but more importantly know how to have fun.

They also love the complainants they get from other woman asking them where they got their swimsuit.


BQ: Personally what I love about Nikki's swimwear/ beachwear is there are uber stylish and they have a sense of edginess to them. But you can see that they are extremely well made, I am looking forward to seeing Nikki Cooke swimwear and beachwear in stores throughout Australia.

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