25 November 14

Inside Bella Bodies Shapewear

Michel bella bodies I interviewed the Creator & Founder of Bella Bodies Shapewear, Michel Schuhmacher. It gives you a real insight into the story behind the product. Enjoy x




1. Why shapewear, how did it all begin?

Started after the birth of my 2 children when all of a sudden my body shape completely changed.   What a shock!  I started cutting and redesigning my old clothes to suit my new body shape and found that the control underwear out in the market were incredibly uncomfortable and tended to create more problems.  From there I decided to make my own and started to put together a collection using my ‘mum’ friends as fitting models.

Angela Bishop from Channel 10 did a news report (July 2006) on the garments and straight after that A current Affair aired a segment on the Bella Bodies products and we were off and running.  Before then Shapewear was a little secret at the back of the Lingerie store.

Q. Bella Bodies, rapidly became the most recommended shape wear within our lingerie stores, what was the signature piece? 

The Strapless Boxer… It was really tricky to get into but boy did it firm slim and shape…


Q. You are a Mother from Australia, how did you compete with the likes of spanx and other shape wear companies? What made Bella Bodies stand out?

We did vivid colours and my thinking was a quite out of the box.  Our business is so small we are able to move /change or delete styles very quickly. We participated in the Miss Universe Australia even 2008 where I made a red bodysuit and stuck 100s of Swarovski crystals all over them… It was pretty different.


Q. There was a short time when Bella Bodies was off the market, how did you develop your collection during this time?

I needed to find new fabric, a new factory and new inspiration. I wasn’t sure of my direction. Someone in the industry asked me to bring Bella Bodies back so its been great creating new garments that suit what I believe is the over 30 market where our bodies just change so much and we have a lot more issues than we did when we were younger.


Q. What do you want to contribute to the lingerie industry and women?

My mission is to make affordable beautiful comfortable shapewear. Always trying to be innovative and improve on current products.  I have been developing the seamless bra with bamboo to make it more breathable. Still working on a larger bust wire free….



bella bodies shapwear before and after

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