13 August 09

Ingredients For a Great Bra

What are the ingredients for a GREAT Bra?

The most common mistake women and even “Professional fitters” make with bras is they think it’s all about the bra size. IT’S NOT!

So many things come into play when you get fitted bra. You may have a great fit but why do you still want to rip it off at the end of the day?

Here’s WHY?

• It may be the wrong shape for you- Under wires are digging in, you are getting obvious back fat, and it’s gapping in the top of the cup OR your boobs are under your arms.
• The quality is crap- Quality means comfort, support and a longer lasting bra
• The material is poor quality- It’s scratchy on your skin, it doesn’t mould to your body and it feels like plastic. Again it’s going to be uncomfortable.

So when I do a Bra Review this is what I look for-

• Lift- It MUST give you good lift
• Shape-The shape must complement your body.
• Appearance- Is it pretty, sexy, cute, seductive
• Cost- Are they ripping you off? Should they be charging the price they are? I don’t mind paying good $$ for bras but they have to do everything they should! Like my list…
• Quality of the bra- Like is it flimsy, will it last?
• Material- What is the quality of the material? Is it soft, is it going to be comfortable, will it wash well, will you be able to see it through clothes.
• Separation- Do you have two breasts?

Honesty and integrity are paramount in the reviews Bra Queen conducts, with I very high standard and value for money are high on my list. Honesty speaks a thousand words I believe you should know what you are getting.

An expensive bra does not mean it’s a good one. As I publish my Bra Reviews you will see this for yourself.

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