23 July 10

Information Like You’ve Never Heard

GEA_Business_Effectiveness_ServicesAs apart of being a Australia's #1 Lingerie Business Coach I am always needing and wanting new marketing strategies, sourcing the latest information on business mastermind and of course the very latest on what's happening in the lingerie industry.

As you know I have just released my dates for the next Melbourne and Sydney Secret Bra Business Workshops and I am so excited that the information, strategies and content I have for this seminar is the best yet. The latest cutting edge business strategies you have heard that is so easy to implement into your business.

I have been doing some work with Fashion Exposed because as you know I am extremely passionate about the lingerie industry and I am concerned about it's future...Why?

  • Small Lingerie businesses are closing down everyday
  • Small business needs to stop competing with the department stores
  • Stubbornness...that's right some business owners are close minded to new ideas just because they think they know everything.  Yet they blame everyone else except for themselves because they haven't evolved with their business or technology.
  • Every single lingerie store stocks the same lingerie collections

So if this is resonating with you and

Don't get left behind come and meet me at the workshop NO EXCUSES!

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