26 July 10

Importance of Deliverability

I recently wrote a post over at Bra Queen Exposed Are Social Media Friends Real Friends? With that I wanted to share with you the importance of deliverability with you and your brand.


If you’re organising an event then you must deliver on how you market your event.

For example- I recently went to a networking night that was promoted as an EOFY Celebration “And you may turn up and depart anytime! Too easy.
And for those who want to partake in some special wine tasting with an expert, and finger food is included,”

I went along with quite a few other business owners not to partake in the “wine tasting” just to catch up with other business owners and maybe connect with a few new ones. Which I did and it was great. However when we arrived and said we weren’t doing the wine tasting we were shunned and made to go into another section until it was over… so once we picked up our jaws from the floor we went into the front section and well you can imagine the conversation.

Not only was it extremely rude but it killed the credibility of the “expert”. Now because we are who we are and the business arena is actually very small we had a great time so it didn’t matter. Then when they were finished about 3 hours later we were invited in to join them. Ha! It was actually very funny…

4 Lessons learnt

  • Be upfront with your expectations- had we known it would have been OK it would have soften the blow.
  • Be clear in your promotions; you will kill your brand and your name otherwise. Do you think we’ll be going to this “expert” when we want some wine…not on your life? However we would have if she played her cards right. She even missed out on a potential joint venture with someone.
  • You must deliver- There is nothing worse then letting customers, clients or colleagues down.
  • Be yourself- You have to be personable, let your personality shine. Some people you will connect with and others you may not but it’s always best if your being yourself.
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