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7 December 11

Is It Time To Back Up With Your Bra?

WHY O WHY are so many women still walking around with the wrong bra seriously we have so much information on ill fitting bras and what a good fitting bra looks like however I still see breasts in desperate need of a good home. I know we like value for money but sometimes we go way too far or is it because they still don’t know or don’t care?

I KNOW YOU KNOW someone who needs to read this post so please for the love of god I am going crazy here you must share this post with them.

What does an ill fitting bra look like?

  • The band (at the back where the hooks are) is riding up your back or it is cutting off your circulation because its way too tight.
  • The straps keep falling down or they are digging in and you may even have a permanent indentation on your shoulder.
  • Your breasts fall out of the bottom of the cup
  • Your underwires are poking out
  • You have serious gapping in the cup.
  • You have double boob and you are spilling out of the top of your bra.
  • Your bra is digging in under your arms
  • Your breasts are sagging i.e. your bra is giving you no lift.

What does a good fitting bra look like?

  1. The bra band needs to sit snugly on the loosest hook and sit evenly from front to back.
  2. The straps should also be snug and you should be able to fit 2 fingers in there.
  3. Your entire breast needs to be in the cup with no gapping and no spillage, if your breasts are falling out of the bottom try going up in the cup and ensure the base of the bra is good quality and if that doesn’t work try a different shape bra.
  4. Underwires need to sit flush against your chest no matter what!
  5. If the underwire is digging in under your arms it could be either it’s the wrong size or the wrong shape.
  6. Your breasts need to sit half way between your shoulder and your elbow if they are any lower you’re girls need to be lifted.

Handy Hints

  • Our breasts change size all the time so you need to be fitted around every six months.
  • It’s common for your breasts to become slightly larger around the time of your menstrual cycle so avoid bra shopping at this time.
  • Quality and a great shape bra are just as important as the perfect fitting  or size bra. Note that a high price point doesn’t mean it’s going to be better for you.


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  • Robert

    Very good imformation! I’ve experience most of those,at one time or the other with an ill-fitted bra! I think many women don’t give it a second thought… Some of them would be surprise to find out exactly how comfortable a well fitted bra should feel..
    There’s alot of good information out there! Your site is one of the best! Thank-you for being non-bias…

    • braqueen

      Aw thank you so much! Yes, we have all been there and you are so right once you do find a great fitting bra you can never go back 🙂


  • What gets me about buying a new bra is that it might fit fine at the shop but it’s only when I wear it all day that I find out how well it really fits. The one I bought at the shop you recommended was lovely on fitting but the straps fall down and the wires hurt my breastbone. It’s not that old!

    • braqueen

      Suzie- That’s not good how long have you had it? Re the straps are they the ones that you can only adjust at the back, which bra did you end up with?


  • So many questions. I think I bought it around April and I’ve been umming and ahhing about it ever since. I need to buy more than one but I’m not prepared to spend $95 again unless I’m absolutely sure about it and I haven’t been sure since the first full day of wearing. I have been tempted to take it back and complain but didn’t know if I could do that with a bra and I did warn her I needed to wear it a full day before I knew if it was right.

    The shoulder straps are adjustable just at the back of the shoulder where I can’t reach, I did ask my OH to lengthen them a little and that has helped slightly. It’s a Fantasie and the code underneath is FL4520NUE. I was shocked at the difference in size really wasn’t expecting to go up to an FF. I knew I needed bigger, but not that much.

    • braqueen

      Haha always they way! Don’t worry I am still waiting for the day to arrive that my breasts actually stop growing 🙂

      Fantastie is a great range, if you have high set breasts then you need a bra that doesn’t have a limit on adjusting the shoulder straps. Are you close to Fairfield? There is a great store there called Plus Size Style they stock mainly Elomi which is one of my fav’s for larger cup sizes and they are fantastic fitters.

      You could try taking it back and explaining however it has been quite some time so don’t know how you will go but they may like to know your experience and learn from it.

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