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6 March 13


As a business owner often resources are tight and you need to spend your money wisely. You started your business so you could work for yourself and have freedom however looking back you bought yourself a job. Sound familiar?

Business owners spend so much time in their business that you are unable to find the time to market your business, grow your business, find new leads and nurture old ones. It’s tough and how do you divvy up your time so you’re not spending a fortune and you still have enough time to do everything you need to do.

With the re launch of our pretty new website I have actually written a 43 page report and it gives you step by step instructions on exactly how to do this. But for now there are a few ways you can get stuff done:

Let me introduce you to the 3 D’s

  1. Delegate it
  2. Do it
  3. Delete it

Delegate: I know what you are thinking “I can’t afford t hire anyone”, this is what I LOVE about being in business today. Your success is measured by how unlimited your imagination is. You can outsource just about anything! Within the business it might be Newsletters, Book Keeping, Admin or IT. Personally it might be ironing, housework or cooking. (bags all three)

Outsourcing is a way you can get stuff done but the person doesn’t actually work for you, they work for themselves. The trick is to outSOURCE don’t out TASK because you still want to build a team of people around you; they are responsible for that role.

Tips on outsourcing: Think about how much it’s costing you by you doing that task, if you could be doing something else and making more money then it’s a good idea you start there.

Other thing you can do to delegate is find someone to partner with and you can collaborate for mutual benefit.

Start by writing a list of things that you do but you don’t really have to be the one doing them.

Do it: This is something you really want to get right because this is what brings you happiness and fulfilment. What do you want to be doing with your time? What area of your business do you want to focus on and do? I would suggest that you really want to position yourself as the creator and visionary for your business. Get creative with your sales and marketing so you can drive your business into serious growth.

Tips on “doing” it: You make the most money doing this task, it brings happiness into your world…you have fun doing this. Ensure the action you take is directly aligned to your big picture.

Delete it: This means two things, once it’s done delete it and if it doesn’t need doing then delete it. If it’s not aligned with your goal then think twice about spending time on it.

Another thing you can do is write down the things you need to do and put them into the image below. It will help you identify its importance.

I like to give myself deadlines and time frames for projects so I don’t waste time. Something else I do is I write down my “To Do List” the night before and clear desk so I know exactly want I am doing when I start work.

I take my yearly goals and break them down into quarterly, monthly and weekly time frames so I know the action I take is getting me closer to my big picture. By changing focus quarterly it gives me a new lease of life and the excitement of starting something new and still keeps me on track.

:: Don’t forget to stay tuned for the re launch because we delve into this much much more.

Do you have any tips on time management?

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  • You’ve hit upon such a common dilemma-as business owners we want to feel in control, be masters of our own destiny etc. but then we struggle to let go & delegate/get support so end up exhausted & feeling out of control!
    Great article Renee filled with some kick ass common sense tips
    Jo Casey recently posted..7 Ways Stress Affects Your Health

  • Thanks Jo, it is a big step to let go isn’t it but so worthwhile once you’ve done it. It’s one of those times once it’s done you say “What took me so long to do that…”


  • Thanks Renee,

    I think so many of us feel like we need to do everything and then end up feeling so overwhelmed and out of control and then even less gets done.

    The 3 D’s totally simplify things, along with the simple common sense tips are awesome.
    Chizelle recently posted..Surround yourself with reminders

  • Sometimes I think it’s a woman thing! Do everything, be everthing for everyone except ourselves. We were discussing this at the dinner table last night actually, I said “I’f I’m not right then the whole family suffers because I am the glue, so it’s important that I spend my time wisely.” then I said “Happy wife, happy life” and my daughter says “That’s a good one Mum because it rhythms” LOL.

    Bra Queen recently posted..Menswear Inspired Sleepwear

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