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1 March 13

I Lost Faith In Blogging

So here I am about to share my secret confession to you….

I lost faith in blogging….there I said it. *telling myself to breathe*

For 5 years now I have been blogging at least 6 times a week on three different blogs and most of the time I write like a mad woman at the keyboard, often through tears because I love it. I love business, I love lingerie, I love life and I love to make people feel good and help those overcome obstacles. If truth really be told it became how I expressed myself and it was therapy for me too.

Then I became a dime in a dozen as every blog started to look the same, covering the same topics and doing the same thing. It’s exactly what I tell my clients NOT to do in business. Be authentic and be different. I felt dirty because I was becoming what I thought I never would. So blogging took a back seat and I allowed myself time to breathe and reassess what I was doing and why.

As much as I know if there is one thing you must do in blogging is be consistent because Google loves fresh content and you need to stay connected to your readers. I may have lost some Google juice but surely it means something that I stayed true to myself…. Doesn’t it?

I am no blogging dinosaur but here is what I can tell you about blogging 5 years ago and now.

  1. I didn’t have to DO anything in regards to SEO, I would just write a post and the keywords were enough that it usually ranked page one on Google.
  2. People loved honesty and loved my blog even though I had no logo, no plugins and had a blogspot URL.
  3. People shared their opinion because they wanted to and they had something to offer. It wasn’t about getting that backlink or wanting to suck up to the “in” blogger of the month.

Blogging in 2012

Maybe it was me, where I was at…..I don’t know but here is what I found.

  1. Google ranking went crazy and what I had worked years to create seemed to go out the window.
  2. I felt like there were clones everywhere
  3. Everyone was talking about the same safe topics but many of them I couldn’t feel the soul when I was reading them. That’s what I loved about blogs the most is feeling the emotional, the heart and soul behind the words.
  4. It became too strategic, too crafted, too…. I don’t know.
  5. If you weren’t in a group or alliance then driving traffic became a mission and a half when you don’t fit a certain mould.
  6. It became mediocre and I despise mediocre, we are all wonderfully unique in every way and have something different to offer.

So I stopped because I felt like I had nothing relevant or different to say.

I have another confession…

After my 3 day event last year I hit a wall…a big wall and it hurt like hell.

The event was amazing and life changing but honestly, I didn’t realise at the time it was going to change my life just as much as it did the participants.

I realised that life changes in one moment and we all have many moments during our lives. That was a moment for me.

Last year we lost our house to floods, my daughter started school, I launched a Bra Fitting App that is the only one of it’s kind with one of Australia’s largest bra companies, I received so much media attention (they say around $200,000 worth), I did the three day event on my own, all the copy, marketing, code, sales and organising. But the thing that through me most was the fact that my Mother became deadly ill, we all thought she was going to die, doctors included. I felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. I looked within.

My business was thriving but I lost my passion for blogging and I thought that would never happen….like ever!

I discovered this…

  • Blogging makes me feel and think on a level most people are too scared to allow themselves to go. Maybe I become scared?
  • Blogging keeps me ahead of the pack and up to date on what’s happening in lingerie and business.
  • Truth is of course I want to rank well on Google but if it means losing substance and heart then let it be because I will not lose my soul in my writing.
  • If I see another Marie Forleo wannabe I am going to scream, I love what Marie is doing and respect her work however everyone is now following her business model. So I am stepping away from that so I can stay authentic and aligned to my vision.
  • If the action I take is NOT directly aligned with my big vision then I am not doing it.
  • I am asking myself at every point “What can I do at this moment to be happy” even if I am in happy place I ask myself “What can I do to make myself feel even more happier and fulfilled?”

When I did this ideas started flood in, my creativity and imagination was back and yes I am writing this post like a mad woman at the keyboard. I am also writing it through tears. Happy tears because I feel I am back and have something to offer to you.

My motto for year is and you can use it if you like!




Thanks to Daves Words Of Wisdom for the fab image.


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  • Thank you so much for sharing this.

    This is exactly what blogging should be like! And now you’ve re-inspired me to get back on my blogging horse and write what’s true and authentic for me 🙂
    Chizelle recently posted..Surround yourself with reminders

    • Thank you so much Chizelle! Just hearing you say it’s re-inspired you makes it ALL worth while xxx

  • Renee, as always you speak your truth and straight from the heart. I LOVE this post!!!

    I need to get back on my blogging horse too 🙂

    Much Love
    Monique xxx
    Monique recently posted..Adios 2012

    • Thanks Monique! I’m heart on my sleeze kinda gal and I’m down with that 😉


  • great post Renee – something I think many will resonate with.

    I have been through patches over the last 10 years where I’ve felt very similar and have:

    – taken breaks of different lengths
    – changed directions
    – started new projects
    – just had periods of stillness to ponder what I’m doing.

    interestingly most times I’ve done these things I’ve found myself re-energised for blogging on some level or another. I’ve also noticed that when I do step back in one way or another that while I fear it’ll hurt my business/readership/google ranking etc that it ends up benefiting what I do and the people I write for.

    Not saying that will happen for you but wanted to post that you are not alone and I appreciate you blogging this so honestly 🙂
    Darren Rowse recently posted..The 3 Essential Components to My Online Publishing Business: Blogging, Social, and Email

    • Thanks Darren! It is so nice to hear that you’re not alone and I am glad i stepped back because now I feel alive and ready, like I did when I first started and it feels GOOD!

      It always becomes clearer when you step outside the square doesn’t it.

      Thanks so much.

  • Oh, my I needed to read this post today. For a number of reasons.
    I don’t think this cycle is just blogging – it’s any business.
    I think you always have to step back, be still, re-evaluate, plan and see how things sit with you. I’ve been doing a lot of that behind the scenes over the past few months and it’s helped me to work on the next 12 months of my blog/business. I do keep writing on the blog but have cut back to mostly Mon-Fri … I mentor and coach other bloggers behind the scenes and I’ll still tell anyone who asks that yes, they should be blogging.
    I truly still don’t get SEO except for filling in the wordpress plugin form – I write a combination of what my readers and audience want to read and what excites me to bring to them.
    My numbers aren’t huge but they grow year-on-year since launching in July 2008, so that feels good, solid and organic to me.
    Love your honesty!
    Nikki @ Styling You recently posted..Weekend recipe: slow cooker poached pears

    • Oh Nikki I totally agree and love your combination!


  • Love it, love it, love it!! Truly if we are not authentic in our businesses, let alone our lives what are we doing? Go for it girl – stay true to you & trust what you know to be right for you xxx

    • Totally Sharon! I now focus on how things make me feel 🙂

  • I could relate to so much of this, particularly points three and five in ‘Blogging in 2012’. I’m learning to take breathers and start new plans when I feel like this. Great post.
    Carli recently posted..Fashion under forty

    • Thanks Carli! It is so great that you do that and I know your blog with thrive by you doing so.

  • Hi Renee – I found this post cause Darren Rouse linked it on Twitter. Obviously I don’t follow your niche other than the fact that guys are known for removing a bra once in awhile (did I really just say that?) but I do identify with what you wrote here.

    I’ve been writing online for a number of years but never really got serious about blogging as I played on and moderated forums for some time before doing some blogging. I took a break for awhile, and recently decided to go back to a blog I have that I haven’t done anything with in a long time and I’ve redesigned it, deleted a bunch of posts, etc. and I’m looking forward to getting it going again. I’ll do some SEO, but I really just want to write this blog for the fun of it, even if I don’t get a ton of traffic. That’s what its all about right, we should be blogging for fun too! I hope your break re-energizes you! Enjoy!
    Greg Lohr recently posted..Our 9 year old explains the meaning of “virgin”

    • Thanks Greg!

      Yes most people have had some experience with bras male and female 🙂 Haha.

      Funny you mention doing things for fun because for me happiness and fulfillment are the most important things to me.

      Thank you and good luck!


  • B

    I am currently on a break from blogging. For many reasons. I need to take stock. I need to move away from the machine. I need to work out who I am – not as a brand or a commodity. As B.

    It has been hard. I miss my blogging peeps. I miss the community. But – I am writing other things. Things that make me feel alive. I love that. When I return (yes, I will blog again) I will be more strategic with MY time, with MY passions and keep it MY blog.

    Thanks for sharing. Thanks soooooooo much. I have been thinking I am being such a lightweight to be taking time out. Nice to know others do it too.
    B recently posted..Fashion: French Chic 1 – Neutrals {Day Wear}

    • Oh B, it is so important we don’t forget who we are and use who we are and align it with our business/blog otherwise surely it’s short lived. I think it takes a bigger person to realise it and do something about it.

      Good luck! I would love to hear about how you go.

  • Scott

    Found your post by happenstance through Darren’s tweet. He’s right… Certainly others feel similarly as you have so beautifully shared about yourself here. My “commercial” blogging efforts feel shallow compared to your heartfelt writing. Yes, the world of online marketing and blogging in particular has changed. I’ll be returning to read your work. Thank you. — I just wonder what my wife might think when she happens to look over my shoulder while on your site 😉

    • Thanks Scott!

      You will have to back up with some lingerie for her 😉 Well maybe you can add some heart into your writing?

      Thanks again


  • Renee – I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I know you’ve been through a really hard time these past few months (or so!). I too get tired of the blog monster at times, and I decided that I didn’t need to post more than 3 times a week. If I want to do more fine, but no point in killing myself (and my desire to blog) by expectations that are too high.

    So happy that you’re re inspired!
    Imogen Lamport recently posted..How to Style a Ballet Flat – Win a Pair of FitFlops!

    • Thanks Im!

      You’re so right it is about maintaining your desire to blog, feeling a gazillion times better 🙂


  • Great post, Renee. I felt like that last year and went through a phase where I didn’t blog often because of ‘life events’ ie the boys, Mum being sick and then passing away etc and I just didn’t have the passion for it anymore. It does come back though. Like anything, if you start doing it, you will ignite the passion again x

    • Thanks Kellie and I am so glad you have your blogging mojo back!


  • Dang, I love you! Dang, I love using the word Dang!

    I am glad I met you at a blogging event. I am glad I saw IRL your radiant smile. I am glad you stay true to yourself. I agree with the blogging. I have spent time working out who I am and what my business is and now I guess I am a businessperson who blogs about the areas of interest for our gorgeous community we are building online and in real life.

    I’ve never measured myself by whats happening around me. I always poke my nose in, nick the bits that work for me and keep on walking the pathway I need to walk to get to where I want to get to. Sometimes on the pathway, you sit down and wait for a bus then realise it’s not coming, so you start walking again because in that time it took you to wait for the bus, you realised you had worked out the route you are going to take in your head anyway. (if that makes sense)

    i hope your mum is better. I am happy you have your house back. Your girls are ridonkulously gorgeous, but thats because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, my love.


    • Penny! You made me cry…AGAIN. DANG!!!

      I am so grateful I meet you, I cherish you and your charm 🙂 I love your bus analogy it’s so on the money. Mum is getting better, it’s been quite the journey but she is alive to tell the tale.


  • Thank you for sharing … Your words are very inspirational and it sounds like you have been on quite a journey. I love your honesty! Isn’t it amazing when life takes us on an adventure that we were not expecting? something inside shifts so such and at such an angle that it takes a while to catch up with ourselves.
    Kama recently posted..Comment on Beginning Your Journey Towards Grey Hair – Where Do You Start? by Kama

  • Thank you for being so honest! It’s rare to find people who aren’t just trotting out the same old safe, bland ‘marketing’ version of authenticity. I’m loving your up front sharing. X

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