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11 August 11

How To Visual Merchandise Like a Pro

Have you been to a shopping centre recently?

Every shopping centre is the same and once upon a time we had unique shopping strips, now this is becoming identical as well. Every window is covered in “SALE” signs and every rack has big bright red signage on it. Dare I say have we lost our creativity and uniqueness?

How can you make your store stand out?

Let’s get back to basics Visual Merchandising whether you are an online store or bricks and mortar the same rules apply.

Top 5 Tips For Visual Merchandising:

  1. Always look at your store from your customer’s perspective.
  2. Ensure it’s clear, simple and easy to shop
  3. Plan exactly how you are going to merchandise your store according to your marketing strategy.
  4. Decide how you are going to lay out your store: Colors, Price point, Sizes, Stories etc
  5. More is not better always have a clear direction and message. Have one star product and support it.

 Think of merchandising as your primary and secondary colors

For example:

You have your primary colors- Red, Yellow & blue then once you mix them you have your secondary colors right? Every color in the world is made from our primary colors. Without them we would have no color…

  • Your collection is the same. Decide on your “Primary Colors” your star products of the week according to your marketing strategy.
  • Then decide on your “Secondary Colors” your products that complement and support your star products. They don’t over shadow, they enhance.
  • Then every other product is a continuation of that, every product must have a place in the story.

# the benefit to this is not only does your store look great but you also improve stock rotation.

Key areas on your floor

Every store has “A” grade areas on their floor; it’s like putting an ad in the paper some areas are worth more. You must know these areas and utilise them well. Most stores will have at least 3 key areas.

1st Key Area: Your star products go there

2nd Key Area: Your supporting products go there

3rd Key area: Your complementing products go there

# It’s always a great idea that they are in size order as this shows good attention to detail.

Top 5 Tips on Placement

  1. Front facing products will always look better therefore sell better, it’s easier for customers to see them.
  2. Don’t overload racks ensure there is space in between, this protects your collection and its customer friendly.
  3. Paint the picture for them; where possible put a story together so they can see the entire story. That even makes the up sell easier for you!
  4. Ensure there is enough distance in between racks. For example don’t let garments on the top rack touch the bottom rack.
  5. Your counter is not am impulse buy haven, we all know you put the little things on the counter for the added sale however control yourself. Rotate the products on and around your counter. Ensure it is a continuation of your current promotion.


# Your store has to flow, walk out side and walk past your shop from both sides looking in (from your customers perspective) and walk in slowly look around your store from left to right then through the middle.


# Don’t be tempted to do the same as everyone else, run our own race and be different. All signage should complement your collection and help tell the story. Signage should not dominate your store.




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