4 July 11



Sensuality Shop owner Michelle Temminghoof is rolling out amazing events for any woman, man or couple who may want to explore and improve their sex life. What I love about Michelle is she has created an elegant and sophisticated environment for women to shop and educate themselves in the sexual arena.
The first event happens on Saturday 10th September 8pm and booking are essential.


You're a woman who is confident, healthy and sensual.
You work hard, play hard and strive to reach your full potential.
You like to try new things, you're a bit naughty and you love the orgasmic pleasure and empowerment of giving and receiving.
In this special Passionfruit Salon, Michelle Temminghoff, founder of Passionfruit, and renowned Tantric Healer, Layla, reveal all they have learnt in over 10 years of exploring the world of sexuality.
Blow his mind with your repertoire of new talents including merciless hand and head techniques, a tantric map of the sexual pressure points and erogenous zones as well as discovery of and stimulation of the male G-spot .
During this fun and intimate evening, all the senses will be explored, every body part discovered and all the ideas, advice, confidence and tools given to help you keep your edge.....so your lover thinks about you and only you all day, every day.
Salon costs $49.00 per person and includes drinks.
All attendees are entitled to a 20% discount on any purchases made on the night.


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